Honeywell is a multinational technology company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. As one of Peak-Ryzex’s most established technology partners, Honeywell specialises in rugged mobility devices and the latest developments in print innovation. Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions offer the hardware and software technology innovations customers need to easily connect people, assets and processes.

With Honeywell, supply chains run faster and more efficiently. Workers are more productive and safer. Medical professionals are better equipped for patient safety and care. And managers have enriched operational intelligence with data-driven insights for better decision-making.

From international shipping ports to regional distribution centres, manufacturing plants to field service operations, national retailers to local healthcare providers, we’ve helped thousands of organizations around the world break down barriers and achieve operational excellence.

Supporting Industries with the Latest Technology


Supply Chain




Retail & Omnichannel

Honeywell’s In-Store Retail solutions bring together people, assets, and merchandise in powerful new ways. With innovative loT tools and data insights built on the expertise of leading software developers and retail workflow specialists, users can connect all associates with each other, with shoppers, and with enterprise systems that drive shelf replenishment, task management & more.

Honeywell for Retail
Honeywell for Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Honeywell’s extensive expertise supporting customers in logistics and distribution. Drivers and field operatives are fully enabled when out on the road with rugged mobile hardware that connects them with the latest updates from head office. And with Honeywell’s vast portfolio of printers, packages, pallets and more can be labelled at speed and at scale.


Honeywell’s technology strengths extend to both hardware enhancements and innovation in software development. From programs that utilise the cloud to process large workflows of data – a vital process for the research of vaccines – to hardware specifically designed to work in the disinfection-ready setting of a hospital, Honeywell is ready to support the healthcare industry.

Honeywell for Healthcare
Honeywell for Manufacturing


The modern manufacturing environment is a challenging space that demands the most robust technology to serve and enhance it. Honeywell’s considerable experience in rugged devices ensure manufacturers can empower their staff with durable hardware, while its experience in automation and digital workflows will empower manufacturers with true operations oversight.


Warehouses and logistics operations are closely intertwined, and Honeywell’s experience support supporting customers in the Transport & Logistics space informs its expertise in warehousing. The latest in compact and rugged printers will transform labelling infrastructures, while rugged tablet, scanners and mobile devices enhance inventory management and more.

Honeywell Accreditations

Case Study

Honeywell & Peak-Ryzex Supports Breezemount's Two-Man Delivery Service

Learn more about the end-to-end mobility technology solution deployed into UK-based two-man delivery service Breezemount, launched and supported in partnership with Honeywell.


Honeywell Products & Services

Handheld Devices

Honeywell CT60

Leverage the latest advances in mobile hardware including rugged tablets and versatile mobile devices for multiple industries.


Honeywell PM23C

Honeywell’s expertise in printers extends to desktop, industrial, mobile & RFID printers as well as print software.

Data Capture

Honeywell Xenon XP

Scanners form a core part of Honeywell’s hardware portfolio, including handheld, hands-free, pocket, wearable & more.


Honeywell Dolphin 70e

Honeywell’s hardware includes wearable devices, including those optimised for data capture in the warehouse or DC.


Honeywell Software

Software innovations include Android migration, barcode decoding, device management, mobility management and more.


Honeywell Services

Honeywell also provides many key support services for the maintenance and repair of hardware, installation and more.

Honeywell Media & Resources

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