Established almost 30 years ago, NiceLabel is a leading global developer of label design software & label management systems. Its innovative solutions are designed to improve the speed, efficiency and overall quality of a company’s labelling infrastructure. NiceLabel’s software can be deployed in businesses of all sizes, and will help reduce costs by digitally transforming the entire label process from design to printing & management. NiceLabel has a global presence with headquarters in Slovenia (EU) and offices in Germany, USA, Singapore & China.

Turn hidden costs into visible savings with NiceLabel

Industry applications

NiceLabel’s suite of label design & management systems are designed to support multiple industry settings, ranging from largescale manufacturing processes to smaller retail settings. NiceLabel is also ready to support businesses of all sizes, including enterprise, mid-market and smaller organisations.

Label design & management solutions

NiceLabel’s innovative label design & management solutions are divided into three key offerings – Label Cloud, Label Management System and Designer & Desktop Solutions. Each has been created to support businesses of different sizes, and our specialists are available to help determine the best choice for you.

Label Cloud

For businesses of all sizes

Label Management System

For enterprise businesses

Designer/Desktop Solutions

For single site/smaller businesses

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