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SATO is a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that connect people, goods and information. It serves a diverse range of customers delivering end-to-end solutions that streamline operations, empower workforces and help customers reduce their environmental impact.

From barcode to RFID-enabled technologies, SATO helps companies around the globe to embrace the modern era of IoT connectivity; using next-generation intelligent labelling solutions to secure operations, empower employees with information and ensure supply chains function seamlessly from the very start to the end consumer.

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It is essential for food manufacturers, distributors and retailers to have complete visibility and traceability throughout their supply process through to the customer.

SATO, a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions, offers an extensive range of barcode labelling solutions for tracking and tracing food products throughout the supply chain.

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SATO offers a range of printing solutions to improve customer service and satisfaction for the entire restaurant, catering and hospitality industry. It provides comprehensive tailored services and solutions to adapt to the needs of all its customers, always complying with current regulations on food safety.

SATO shelf labelling solutions enable restaurant owners to conduct effective stock rotation minimising product waste and ensuring freshness of prepared goods. SATO printers and labels also make management of nutritional and allergy information on products easy enabling thorough food safety management.

SATO Food Safety Labelling Video

Whether supporting efficient in store merchandising or effective home delivery distribution networks, SATO provides innovative and dependable auto identification and data collection solutions to drive retailing success. For the independent privately owned store through to multinational retail brands, SATO offers a comprehensive product line including price guns, barcode printers with tags and labels and innovative RFID solutions.

SATO barcode labels and RFID tags enable automatic sensors to sort, direct and track post, parcels, pallets, cartons, canisters and Intermediate Bulk Containers through the transportation and logistics process without human intervention. With easy to use thermal printers and auto-identification barcode labelling and RFID solutions, SATO mobile, desktop and industrial print technology can scan, print and deliver information in any location, high speed and on-demand.

SATO seeks to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of products and information from goods receipt to inventory management and shipping, as well as effectively managing the returns process, where required. SATO saves business time, cost and waste through enhanced visibility, productivity and efficiency.

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

To maintain efficient workflow, without interruptions or errors creating downtime, manufacturers must fully utilise the speed and accuracy derived from auto-identification systems and computer systems. SATO solutions designed for even the most rugged manufacturing environments save time, reduce costs and improve productivity. Eliminating manual processes and automating the data management processes across the entire supply chain, SATO offers a broad range of intelligent barcode and RFID label printing solutions which provide optimum track and trace capability to aid visibility and transparency in even the most harsh and complex manufacturing systems.

SATO, a global leader in auto identification and data collection technology solutions for the automotive industry, recognises the complex regulatory compliance needs of the automotive sector.

SATO ensures its customers can meet the critical compliance mandates with ease; including high quality AIAG, GM 1724A and other industry-mandated compliance labels for a variety of applications.

SATO works with hospitals to design and deliver a range of tailored technology solutions across patient registration and discharge processes, patient consultation, specimen collection, lab tracking and verification, as well as pharmacy, food and asset management.

Leveraging the latest barcode, RFID and wireless technologies, SATO also serves the medical devices and pharmaceuticals sectors, at manufacturing, distribution and dispensing/usage levels, providing reliable and innovative solutions to save time and money while ensuring perfect accuracy.

As foodservice businesses strive to keep pace with the traceability demands of the growing market, SATO has developed unique labelling solutions that make EU directive compliance simple and efficient for businesses of all sizes. No longer relying on paper logs and manual systems, SATO automates the management of food safety enabling restaurant, catering and hospitality management teams to drive operational efficiency.

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