Founded in 2012, ShipTrack has grown into one of the most trusted names in scalable logistics management platform innovation for organisations across myriad industry verticals & sectors. This Peak-Ryzex partner manages millions of shipments every day and provides a cloud-based service & ergonomic interface that’s easily configurable to meet fit a customer’s unique workflow & workforce needs.

What is ShipTrack?

ShipTrack is a cloud-based turn-key logistics management platform designed to streamline and automate the delivery & fulfilment process for myriad industrial verticals & sectors. It enables users to upgrade to a real-time, digital workflow that increases the productivity and efficiency of your entire logistics network from collection right through to delivery. Key benefits of utilising ShipTrack software in your organisation include:

The ShipTrack app works a variety of business-ready devices & handsets.

Innovative logistics management features


Deployed into your transport & logistics operation as part of a Peak-Ryzex mobility solution, ShipTrack brings a vast suite of features to your fingertips:

Dispatch Portal

Gain true operational management of logistics network with an intuitive graphical display that provides all the business-critical and real-time information your head office needs to oversee your entire operation.

Route Optimisation

Reduce fuel costs and create the most effective delivery routes with the automated route optimisation of ShipTrack. Increase parcel & goods capacity, reduce staff workloads and improve SLAs throughout the fulfilment process.

Administration Portal

With ShipTrack’s dedicated Administration Portal, users can leverage a streamlined point & click interface that empowers them to manage service levels & ETAs, manage users, create mobile workflows and import/export data.

Data Analytics & Reports

For internal & third-party logistic operations, ShipTrack can also be used to accurately track data with in-depth analysis and reliable reporting. Now you can monitor the minute-to-minute operation of your business and ensure SLAs are met.

Driver & Vehicle Management

ShipTrack empowers drivers as much as it strengthens head office oversight, with support for paperless vehicle & driver checks through the ShipTrack mobile app. The app supports the tracking safety of checklists, new route updates & more.

Industries Supported by ShipTrack & Peak-Ryzex

Integrating with your business hardware

ShipTrack is designed to support logistics operations of any size or complexity, and that not only includes integrating with your existing back-end systems (or as a standalone platform), but with myriad hardware devices from some of the biggest & most trusted names in business mobility and desktop devices.

These partners, who also work with Peak-Ryzex as part of its diverse partner ecosystem, include:


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The Power of ShipTrack in Your Hands

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