The New Zebra CC5000 Customer Concierge

The CC5000 is a new kind of kiosk that allows you to create an electronic customer concierge capable of catering to your customers’ every self-service need. This rich interactive platform can be configured to allow customers to look up information, make purchases, receive special offers and instantly connect to the right person via voice or video to answer any question.

This “dream machine” allows you to provide shoppers in a retail store, guests in a hotel and travelers with the concierge-style service they dream of, while helping you strengthen customer relationships, improve customer loyalty, satisfaction and increase sales.

Easy to build feature ruch applications 

Since the CC5000 is built on Android 4.1, a large developer pool is available to help you build custom applications for a variety of verticals. With the CC5000 Software Development Kit (SDK), it’s easy to develop elegant and intuitive customised applications. And with its integrated enterprise-class bar code scanner, high-resolution 8 MP camera and ability to integrate a full complement of third-party accessories — including payment card readers — you can easily implement whatever data capture features your applications require.

A size for every business

The CC5000 is available with a 15 in., 22 in. or a 27 in. display, giving you the flexibility to choose the screen size that works best in any area of your facility. For example, a retail store might put a large 27 in. display at the store entrance and 15 in. displays in various departments.

Easy to use tablet style interface

Customers will feel right at home with the CC5000. Its familiar and intuitive multi-touch interface enables customers to zoom, swipe, scroll, pinch and more, just like they do on their own tablet.

Rich Analytics to build more effective marketing campaigns

The CC5000 captures a comprehensive set of data every time a customer uses it. You can see how long a customer was connected, what applications were used, which pages were viewed in each application and user interactions on every page — every “click-through”. Armed with this information, you can determine how and if customer-facing self-service strategies and marketing campaigns are working, and make any modifications required to maximize the success and the value of your CC5000 deployments.

 Easy centralised management 

With the CC5000, end-to-end management is easy. No matter where in the world your CC5000s are located, support for industry-standard mobile device management applications allows you to easily deploy, manage, update content, monitor and troubleshoot, all from a single centralized location.

The Zebra CC500 – Improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales with revolutionary self service.

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