The True Cost Of Mobility

The True Cost of Mobility

Containing the Cost, Risk, and Effort to Maximize ROI


The use of bulky scanner guns and stationary terminals represents an era of technology fading quickly into the distant past. Today, many organizations feel pressure to move to more modern application platforms to accommodate the influx of mobile devices and younger generational workers. From traditional, ruggedized mobile computers to consumer smartphones and tablets, each of these offers a different user experience based on operating system and hardware.

And with the transition to new hardware technology, you likely face the difficult decision of migrating your existing mobile host application. The implications of this decision surpass a simple issue of cost, encompassing potential pitfalls with difficult implementations, massive changes to infrastructure technology, and lengthy setup processes to replace any existing software. When you consider the expense, time, and potential pitfalls of migrating your software to support new devices, it’s no wonder few businesses want to make this transition.

Current Infrastructure Investments

You’ve already spent a significant amount of money and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to implement your current supply chain management software. Whether that system is a Warehouse Management System (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, or other technology, this host system is optimized for your specific business. While you may continue to make workflow optimization adjustments to it, you probably don’t expect or want to make serious modifications to enable mobility. And replacing your host system is likely out of the question.

Still, mobility is a must for host applications to extend access for your workforce and make use of contemporary smart device capabilities; the last thing you need is complicated intrusions into your host system. For decades, the answer to this was the use of terminal emulator technology designed to present your host system’s text-based screens onto mobile devices in a simple black-and-green interface.

These “green screen” applications are still as dependable today as they were in years past. However, as the screens on smart devices evolve, so too has the desire for alternative mobile applications that take advantage of these bright, full-color, touch-enabled devices.

Benefits of Smart Devices

Android devices continue to gain a larger foothold in the enterprise market due to their complete hardware flexibility, the prevalence of low-cost suppliers, and the adaptability of the operating system to become whatever a company needs. This diversity of options ultimately cultivates an environment that better meets your individual needs as your business evolves.

The design of Android devices improves with each new product released, as now all new smart devices facilitate standard features like multi-touch screens, full-color display, and improved usability. When such capabilities are then constrained to the traditional “green screen” terminal emulator, numerous features on the device aren’t accessible for improving processes or increasing productivity of modern users. Instead, these green-screen constraints only serve to widen the age gap between popular warehouse management software and the technology that consumers use today.

Terminal Emulation of Today

Yesterday’s youth are today’s frontline workers, and many of them were raised in an era of smart devices. As such, many aren’t familiar with the traditional “green screen” for terminal emulator applications, and they find the experience both counterintuitive in navigation and stilted and old- fashioned in appearance. In order to attract and retain the best workforce talent possible, it’s essential to provide them an interface similar to what they experience every day with their personal devices.

That’s where Wavelink Velocity comes in. Instead of forcing you to devote internal app-development resources to new solutions or expending significant funds to perform a full migration to an all-new application, Velocity takes your current “green screen” emulation and transforms it into a more modern interface. Through the use of a built-in HTML and CSS rendering engine and the ability to customize keyboards, plus other administrative features, you can upgrade your existing interface easily without having to rebuild your mobile app from scratch.

Wavelink Expertise

For more than three decades, Wavelink has remained active and involved in the mobilization of host applications with its own enterprise mobile application system, Terminal Emulation.

We understand how to best interface with your host server and upgrade the overall user experience. When you install Wavelink Velocity on an Android device, the app can recognize text-based data fields within the host application and present them in a more modern and mobile- friendly interface.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we’ve enhanced the client interface experience without disrupting existing host application setup. If you’ve used the Wavelink Terminal Emulation app before, you can appreciate the value of a mobile client that’s designed for compatibility with all leading supply-chain management applications. If you’ve never used a terminal emulator before, then this capability is a must. Your options for future growth are limited without it. Compromise is the last thing you want when upgrading or implementing your mobile application.

To meet this growing need for a modern mobile application that builds upon your existing infrastructure, Wavelink developed Velocity for Android devices. Velocity is the next generation of terminal emulation, offering that same level of compatibility with key improvements that make use of modern advances in smart-device hardware and software.

Customised Apps

The genuine power of the Wavelink Velocity Client is best realized through the administrative desktop application. With this companion resource, you gain further control over the presentation of your mobile app, how users interact with it, and their devices as a whole. For example, you can access:

  • HTML and CSS styling for more modern screen rendering
  • Customizable keyboard layouts for streamlining navigation and key inputs
  • Administrative restrictions over app and device usage

With Velocity, the traditional “green screen” is transformed into a modern smart device app. It accomplishes all of this without having to modify your host system, freeing you to focus on other workplace tasks. You only need to upload your existing screens to the Velocity administrator tool, customize HTML and CSS settings, and then deploy the changes to smart devices with the Velocity Client installed on them. It’s a process you can complete from start to finish in a single afternoon

Measurable ROI

Embracing modern advancements in technology and software means facing the challenges of management and implementation. The cost to upgrade your terminal emulator application can reach into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. But with Wavelink Velocity, you retain the infrastructure you’ve built over the years—and you build upon the terminal emulator you’ve already invested in. When it comes to keeping up with the cycle of technology, Wavelink Velocity adds value to your host server, increases workforce productivity through a familiar user experience, and minimizes risk in launching a terminal emulator upgrade to your current technology infrastructure.


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