The Zebra CS4070 Companion Scanner

What’s new in the CS4070?

Full support for Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)

NEW CAPABILITY: Now, the CS4070 supports all characters — ASCII, non-ASCII and non-printable keystrokes — such as a dash, parenthesis or tab.

YOUR BENEFIT: You have the complete control you need to format the data to meet your application’s requirements, ensuring compatibility with virtually any line of business application.

Direct support for Bluetooth keyboard features

NEW CAPABILITY: Direct support for seven Bluetooth keyboard features: Caps lock override; simulated Caps lock, convert case, ignore unknown characters, emulate keypad, keyboard FN1 substitution and function key mapping.

YOUR BENEFIT: Enables customization of decoded data for easy integration into your line of business applications, plus faster and easier deployment — IT no longer needs to scan up to seven bar codes (one per feature) with each CS4070 device.

Handheld presentation scanning mode

NEW CAPABILITY: Users can scan bar codes without having to press any buttons to trigger the scan.

YOUR BENEFIT: Cycle times in retail, field service, field sales and transportation and logistics are reduced. Productivity is improved along with user comfort — many motions are now eliminated.Cashiers can complete purchases faster; backroom workers can take inventory or process incoming shipments faster; field service technicians can quickly scan all the tools and parts in the truck to ensure they have what they need for the day’s work orders; delivery drivers can quickly capture the bar codes on packages to enable end-to-end track and trace — and more.

Bluetooth connection protection

NEW CAPABILITY: The Bluetooth key must be depressed for about two seconds to disconnect the Bluetooth connection. In the event of an accidental Bluetooth disconnect, the auto-reconnect feature (enabled by default) instantly and automatically re-establishes connectivity.

YOUR BENEFIT: Prevents accidental disconnects, providing a dependable Bluetooth connection that
protects worker productivity and eliminates workflow disruptions.

 Application level control of the beeper

NEW CAPABILITY: Developers have full control when beeper feedback is used. In addition, reaction time has been cut in half, reduced from 900 ms to less than 450 ms.

YOUR BENEFIT: Provides the flexibility to meet the needs of different areas in different businesses. For example, for situations where there may be a lot of background noise, a beep can make it easy for cashiers at the retail point-of-sale, field service technicians in noisy equipment rooms and DSD drivers in a parking lot to confirm a successful scan. And you can easily eliminate the beep in situations where it could negatively impact the customer experience — for example, when retail workers and merchandisers are taking inventory in the front of the store or at the POS in a quiet boutique.

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