Why Migrating From Windows To Android Is The Future-Proof Solution Your Warehouse Needs

The topic of Android migration in the warehouse is no longer a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. Relying on familiar hardware and green-screen apps might be more of a comfort, but with something as integral as an operating system (OS) losing the support that keeps it optimised and secure, the need to look to the future has become more important than ever as the clock ticks down.

Many of the Windows operating systems utilised by warehouses, distribution centres and other T&L organisations have already been granted extensions to their support, and some of the most highly adopted ones are reaching ‘end of life’ as that source optimisation and security updates dries up. In fact, Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) will lose its extended support on 14th January 2020, while Windows Embedded Compact 7 in April 2021 and Windows Embedded CE 8.0 will shed its extended support in October 2023.

For countless warehouses and operations throughout the supply chain, the end of this software support means using a legacy OS that no longer has the benefit for rolling updates and fixes. And while it might seem safe to assume it’ll be business as usual when these deadlines come and go, the reality is a huge number of devices are due to affected by aging OS issues – including roughly 255 million Zebra devices currently in circulation – so it’s time to stop thinking about the present and start looking to the benefits of planning for the future with Android.

Transforming today for resiliency tomorrow

Most aging green screen apps were designed and rolled out prior to the rise of e-commerce, and with delivery times getting shorter and customers wanting even more agency when it comes to accessing their purchases, yesterday’s solutions simply aren’t up to the task of solving today’s challenges.

But with Android, warehouses are doing more than just switching one operating system for another – they’re tapping into a platform that’s built with productivity, efficiency and security in mind. All the major handheld device manufacturers are now incorporating Android into their latest hardware as demand increases. So, if you’re looking to refresh to an OEM you know and trust, you’ll find a device that bridges that gap.

Emulate to accumulate

Making that transition isn’t the long-winded and painful experience you might expect it to be. Vital Terminal Emulation (TE) apps can be migrated over to new devices in minutes, including transitioning from devices with traditional button inputs to hybrids and full touchscreen interfaces – and all without fear of painful costs or disruption. From Zebra’s own migration software to Ivanti’s Velocity software, there are software solutions that seamlessly support your migration to Android.

Android offers a huge amount of potential for the warehouse, and beyond. You can utilise the green screen apps your business knows best while making workers more efficient, integrating further into the business and giving you more visibility within the four walls of your organisation.

As a leading name in mobility solutions and integration in warehouses and throughout the supply chain, Peak-Ryzex has the knowledge and expertise to support your organisation with the migration to Android. With our diverse ecosystem of partners, including many specialised in terminal emulation and warehouse mobile technology, your future proofing plans will be in safe hands.

Key takeaways:

  • Multiple Windows OSs losing support in 2020, 2021 and 2023
  • Green-screen apps not built to support e-commerce/e-fulfilment
  • Android migration is simple, pain free and cost-effective
  • Avoid disruption and improve efficiency

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