Zebra MPact Customer Experience

Keep your customers coming back

When a shopper, guest or diner enters your establishment, you want to deliver the kind of service that will earn loyalty and repeat visits. And with MPact from Zebra Technologies, you can. With our unique location technology, you can automatically provide every customer who walks in your door with the most customised and personalised experience possible, on every single visit.

Personalise the Experience

Zebra’s MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing is the first of its kind to offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology that allows retailers, hotels and restaurants to provide each customer/guest with the ultimate personalised experience. Based on real-time location within a facility, a personal greeting, special offers, step-by-step directions, prompt customer service and more can automatically be delivered, where it will have the most impact — customer/guest smart devices.

Positioned to Win

With MPact, you can:

  • Determine where customers/guests are located in your facility
  • Define the action you want to take based on that location
  • Execute those interactions

…all automatically
…all on your customer’s/guest’s personal smart devices
…at the lowest total cost of ownership



Features and Benefits



With one meter of accuracy, MPact is spot on. Plus, you have triple the options to engage customers and guests – presence, zone, and position. With this advanced location capability, you will know who is in your facility, how long they visit certain areas, and what has captured their attention, and which products they’re shopping for.


MPact has class-leading reliability no matter what the network environment. Whether it’s Wi-Fi location, with Zebra Technologies’ scalable Wi-Fi portfolio powered by the WiNG 5 network, or it’s the micro-location enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology beacons, you get extremely accurate location capability.

Cost Effective 

Get more for your investment. MPact is a unified platform that delivers both Wi-Fi location and Bluetooth® Smart based micro-location capabilities to engage shoppers and guests at the right time and in the right place.



Product Portfolio 

Bluetooth Smart Beacons 

Zebra Bluetooth Smart beacons can operate in various modes including iBeacon. Beacons enable the next level of engagement by providing real-time location triggers and notifications, prompting shoppers and guests to access privileges offered by your organisation.

Installation and Maintenance Toolbox

Deploy and manage your beacons and beacon network with ease. Whether it be iBeacon™ mode, battery save mode or MPact mode, the installation toolkit and application help you simplify the staging of all your needed tags. Thanks to our intuitive software, you can quickly set up and select which beacon frequency, beacon range and beacon transmission mode you want. It also checks the accuracy of your floor plan as you install the beacons, helping prevent, among other things, too much spacing in between tags.

Software Development Kit 

With our Software Development Kit (SDK), MPact seamlessly integrates with your loyalty application, whether it is for iOS or Android smartphones. As a result, your shoppers and guests can get personalised notifications on their devices after they opt into your loyalty application.

Location and Analytics Software 

Gain insightful analytics on customer and guest visits and their dwell time within your facility, as well as visibility into the health of your beacon network. MPact comes with cloud-ready software that aggregates location data from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart. With an HTML5 front end and a Hadoop backend — to crunch through the big data of millions of client end points — this solution is scalable for your datacenter and private cloud.



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