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Upgrade Your Web GUI Setup Before Support For Adobe Flash Ends In December 2020

Adobe Flash has been a core multimedia delivery platform for two decades, powering everything from video content to software interfaces, but things are set to change before the end of the year. Adobe has revealed its plans to withdraw support for the tool on 31st December 2020 – which will drastically affect your ability to communicate with your wireless network.

If you’re using a WiNG-based GUI (Graphical User Interface), your organisation will lose vital networking capabilities, including:

  • The ability to make configuration changes to your network
  • View ongoing network performance


So, you need a wireless solution that utilises future-proofed wireless protocols and is ready to connect you to your network’s performance.

Introducing… ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ)

Peak-Ryzex and its wireless partner Extreme Networks are here to support your network operations with a wireless solution that utilises the future-proofed automation of ExtremeCloud IQ. The benefits of this powerful tool include:

Automation Efficiency

Transform the efficiency of your wireless networks with an optimised, cloud-driven solution that automates your business processes. By utilising machine learning, XIQ will create greater visibility of your network performance.

Comparative Analytics

With ExtremeCloud IQ, you can anonymously baseline and compare network performance and characteristics against similar sized deployments to ensure your network is always working at optimum levels.

Power Of The Cloud

XIQ takes full advantage of the cloud, ensuring your network is consistently supported with new updates. It also enables your organisation to scale your network and the number of controllers you use as your business grows.

So, what do you need to do next?

Everyone’s network is different, so Peak-Ryzex can design a wireless solution to support your organisation and its unique needs. If you’re a WiNG GUI user, then you’ll likely fall into one of three groups:

WiNG 5.9 Or Higher

If your business network utilises WiNG version 5.9 or higher, and you’re running a supported controller (VX or NX), then your network will likely be ready to migrate over to an ExtremeCloud IQ solution with the minimum of downtime.

Lower Than WiNG 5.9 (With Capable Hardware)

If your organisation operates with a version of WiNG below 5.9, but your APs (access points) are capable of upgrading to a supported controller, then you can utilise PS to upgrade before migrating to ExtremeCloud IQ.

Lower Than WiNG 5.9 (Without Capable Hardware)

If you’re using a version of WiNG below the 5.9 threshold, and your APs and overall network hardware is incapable of upgrading, then Peak-Ryzex will provide a full refresh of both your hardware & software.

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