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Why Hazardous Pharmaceutical Operations Need Even Tougher Mobile Hardware

Introducing the MC 93ex-NI Mobile Computer, developed and enhanced by Zebra Technologies and Bartec

Jonathan Gubb, Account Director @ Peak-Ryzex UK

Now, more than ever, the pharmaceutical industry needs hardware that can withstand the hazardous challenges of its manufacturing environments. From rugged internal components to durable outer shells tough enough to withstand stronger cleaning solutions, companies working in this space are looking for mobile computers that have what it takes to perform under extreme pressure and unusual conditions.

Operating in potentially explosive atmospheres that could ignite under certain circumstances also requires hardware that meets the ATEX Directive – a piece of EU legislation that regulates the health and safety requirements of equipment utilised in these sorts of settings.  

That’s where the MC 93ex-NI Mobile Computer comes into play. Co-developed with leading rugged hardware manufacturer Zebra Technologies and hardware protection specialist Bartec, the MC 93ex-NI Mobile Computer represents the benchmark for mobile computing for use in Zone 2 environments.

MC93 Bartec

Here’s just some of the reasons I believe your pharmaceutical operations will be more productive, efficient and ready to meet increased demand in 2021 and beyond with this device at your disposal:

Most Rugged Mobile Computer Ever Made

The MC 93ex-NI is the new bar for ultra-rugged hardware and easily outclasses every device in its class for use in a hazardous environment. Its approved for ATEX and IECEx Zone 2.22 and UL Class I, II and III Div. 2, making it fully ready for deployment into even the most challenging of pharmaceutical operations. When you need a device that’s as tough as they come, the MC 93ex-NI is best in class.

Android-Ready Right Out Of The Box

Android has become the go to operation system for businesses and organisations around the world as they move away from more traditional Windows legacy systems. The MC 93ex-NI supports Android 10 right out of the box, ensuring users are leveraging the fastest and most efficient Android platform available. It’s also ready for any future Android updates for optimum performance.

New Data Capture Capabilities

The MC 93ex-NI boasts enhanced data capture capabilities thanks to its in-built scanner, with an increased data capture range of up to 21.4m. The MC 93ex-NI can read both 1D and 2D barcodes depending on the size, type and quality of the barcode so users can capture data even when working under challenging conditions.

Twice The Battery Life

Manufacturing suites work around the clock to meet customer demand, so the hardware supporting its staff and operations needs to be just as resilient. The MC 9ex-NI is no exception, with twice the battery life of the previous generation of models. Its lithium-ion battery supports fast charging, from 0% to less than 90% in 3.5 hours. It also supports battery hot swapping.

Extra Value With Zebra Mobility DNA

Users can get even more out of their pharma-ready hardware with help of Zebra Mobility DNA. Simplify and streamline the deployment of all your Bartec-enhanced Zebra mobile computers alongside long-term management and oversight. Utilise new business tools and leverage improved troubleshooting procedures.

Push-To-Talk (PTT) Support

Bring the power of PTT into the hazardous areas of a manufacturing suite with the Bartec-enhanced MC 93ex-NI. PPT Pro connects your workforce with an enterprise-grade system for secure messaging and push-to-talk communications. Users can share everything from images to video content securely, even to non-Bartec devices.

ATEX-Certified Devices for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Want to learn more about the MC 93ex-NI Mobile Computer and the value of utilising the right hardware in your pharmaceutical suites? Contact me today and let’s discuss how Peak-Ryzex and Bartec can help.

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