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5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Cloud-Based Networks From Peak-Ryzex & Extreme Networks

Now, more than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking for new ways to increase the productivity and flexibility in the face of adversity. With organisations looking to operate with their forces often spread out remotely, digital solutions are becoming the go to path for success. From data processing to task automation, data networking offers businesses the necessary agility to maintain their bottom line while keeping their staff connected to the core of the network.

Cloud-based networking, such as the ExtremeCloud IQ managed platform from Extreme Networks, could be the digital transformation you need to keep your business in the condition it needs to thrive in a post-COVID world. And here are reasons why you should be looking to the clouds for your network management.


Greater control of deployment and management

By digitising the management of your network, you gain complete control of every aspect of it. From any location, you can deploy a network of any shape or size while monitoring its performance in real time. Whether you’re impacted by lockdowns and are forced to spread your workforce around the country – and the world – you can easily adjust that network on the fly, adding in or dropping out new routers, access points, devices, switches and more.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers these utilities and more, connecting users to a malleable platform that’s easy to use and deeply customisable. Networks can be complex organisms, but with ExtremeCloud IQ, you can easily simply complex tasks, deploy new locations in minutes and provide unprecedented levels of management.

Up-to-date and enhanced security protocols

One of the key benefits of working from a digital management platform is the ability to fold in new updates instantly, including the ability to constantly refresh security protocols. Your IT teams can roll out brand new updates as soon as they become available, while analysing threats as they happen. This cements your confidence and ensures your IT staff can redirect their time and resources to other areas of your IT infrastructure.

Tools such as Extreme AirDefense simplifies the process of management the protection and security of your cloud-based network, enabling you to automatically identify, analyse and neautralise external threats to your network with every putting it at risk. You can control thousands of sensors and ensure your network remains fully operations, even when targeted maliciously.



Better insights mean smarter decisions

Networks live and die on the depth and reliability of their data, so that means you need the very best analytics at your disposal. Cloud-based networking provides the ability to dynamically adjust and optimise your network in real-time, ensuring your business’ digital infrastructure is operating at the highest standards.

With ExtremeCloud IQ, delivered as part of a wireless solution from Peak-Ryzex and Extreme Networks, you can analyse the performance of your network and gain vital business intelligence. This actionable business intelligence will enable you to trigger automated processes, especially when integrated with existing SaaS workflow applications.

The flexibility of the cloud

Digital infrastructures bring with them a fluidity and flexibility you wouldn’t have possessed before, such as adopting new technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity and analytics innovations. Enterprise-grade businesses that operate franchises will similar-sized premises benefit greatly from the scalability of a cloud-based network, enabling for the swift deployment of templated networks.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers a changeable and customisable solution that can be adapted to meet different operating scenarios. From the franchise rollout to more complex management requirements with private cloud access on-premise management, you have the choice you need to enhance your operations from top to bottom.



Compelling financial benefits

Operating a cloud-based network brings plenty of enhancements to your organisation, including the financial benefits to your business. A network that runs more efficiently with integrated automation requires less staff to operate it, so you can automatically make a saving on headcount. By reducing operating costs, the standard financial measures of your IT infrastructure – TCO, ROI and OPEX vs CAPEX – will almost always lean towards the lean efficiency of cloud-based networking.

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Cloud-Based Networking

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