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Safely Fulfil Customers Orders And More With The COVID-19 Ready Functionality Of M-Netics eRetail’s Contactless Click & Collect Module

M-Netics Retail

A Complete Suite Of Retail Store Applications

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the modern retail landscape, forcing retailers and customers alike to shift their behaviours when it comes to selling and buying goods. From the collection of online ordered parcels to fulfil from store transactions, customers have had their confidence understandably shaken when it comes to buying in person.

But with M-Netics eRetail, a bespoke and highly configurable software solution from Peak-Ryzex, retailers can now offer a customisable click & collect solution that enables users to fulfil orders with full oversight will following health & safety and social distancing guidelines.

M-Netics eRetail has been created to service the everyday needs of an enterprise retail environment, from the stock room to the sales floor, and beyond. Its features include:

  • Ad-Hoc Re-Labelling
  • Sales History
  • Directed Repricing
  • Sales Markdowns
  • Put Away to Location
  • Handover & Signature
  • Despatch Management
  • Scan to Pick
  • Promotion and Zero Stock Alerts
  • Stock Adjustments

Pricing, Availability & Customer Service

M-Netics eRetail features eight interconnected and fully customisable modules that are designed to elevate, enhance and refresh the capabilities of a retail operation. From product lookup and the integration of new prices to transforming the features of an omnichannel service. With the Pricing, Availability & Customer Service suite of modules, a retailer can utilise the following features:

Product Enquiry

Shop floor staff can scan items with an HHT (handheld terminal) and locate up-to-date information on current stock levels, related items and incoming stock shipments.

Price Management

This module enables retailers to update item prices with speed and accuracy, implementing sales for shelf-life reductions, promotions and the fast printing of new labels.

Fulfil From Store

Users can instruct and oversee the picking, packing, labelling and despatch of items in-store for orders made online, including for an enhanced click & collect service.

Click & Collect

With additional support for Contactless Click & Collect, this module enables full visibility of goods ordered online, enabling for customised customer collections.

Store Stock Management

The modules of Store Stock Management have been engineered to give a retailer a true view of their entire stock infrastructure, from the movement of items between multiple departments and locations, right through to the counting of stock for accurate audits. With M-Netics eRetail, retailers have the means to keep their outlets fully stocked from stock room to the shop floor.

In-Store Replenishment

Keep shelves filled on the sales floor by coordinating and tracking new stock from multiple locations, while utilising the analysis of sales data.

Stock Receiving

Receive cartons, boxes, cages and more into retail outlets with M-Netics eRetail. Perform item level checks to ensure stock levels are accurately refilled and accounted for.

Stock Movements

M-Netics Retail’s Stock Movements enables users to accurately transfer and track stock moved between multiple locations within a single retail environment.

Stock Counting

Make price changes available ahead of new sales and promotions, enabling for the immediate reprinting of labels to ensure the faster deployment of new pricings.

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