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How The Incoming Direct Vision Standard Will Change How Your HGV Fleets View The Road In Greater London

Everything your T&L or supply chain organisation needs to know to get you ready for the incoming DVS initiative from Transport for London (TfL)

Does your business operate within Greater London? Do you utilise HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) in your fleet? If you’ve answered yes on both counts, then your organisation will need to have a compliant camera setup in place by February 2021 in order gain full visibility of your vehicle blind spots. Peak-Ryzex breaks down everything you need to know and the how our solutions will have you fully prepared in time.

In this blog we’ll cover the following topics: 

  • What is the Direct Vision Standard?
  • What is a Safe System?
  • Which kind of vehicles will be affected?
  • How to determine star ratings?
  • When will the DVS come into effect?
  • How can Peak-Ryzex & Connexas help?

The video above was supplied by TfL (Transport for London) and provides a visual introduction to the Direct Vision Standard.

What is the Direct Vision Standard?

The DVS forms part of ‘Vision Zero’, a road & traffic safety initiative that aims to eliminate deaths & serious injuries caused by motor vehicles in the London transport network (TfL) by 2041. The Direct Vision Standard requires individual vehicles to have additional mirrors and cameras in order to provide increased vision on the road. The DVS was devised with the express aim to reduce HGV (heavy goods vehicles) related incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists & motorcyclists by creating a Safe System.

Did you know?

Operating without a valid permit will result in a daily charge when driving through Greater London from March 2021.

What is a Safe System?

A Safe System refers to the collective technology and accessories used to give a driver and a T&L organisation increased vision around their vehicle and reduce the risk to pedestrians & cyclists within a given vicinity. If your vehicle is deemed to have a 0-star rating, you’ll need to utilise the following equipment in order to gain a permit:

  • Camera monitoring system
  • On-board sensors (with driver alerts)
  • Class V & VI mirrors
  • Side-under-run protection
  • Warning signage
  • Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning for left turns (if vehicle is right-hand drive)

What kind of vehicles will be affected?

As part of the DVS program, fleets operating HGVs over 12 tonnes within the Greater London area will be required to obtain and adhere to a new permit. Poor visibility can often be a factor when operating a fleet on the busy streets of Greater London, so the DVS will rate individual vehicles in this category based on a five-star scale (‘0’ being poor, all the way to ‘5’ for excellent).

Which star rating applies to your fleet?

TfL (Transport for London) has provided an online tool that will enable you to determine if your fleet meets the standards needed for the DVS. You can find a link to it here.

When will the DVS come into effect?

October 2020

All vehicles must carry a permit with at least a one-star rating. HGVs will be required to meet Euro VI (NOx & PM) emissions standards.

March 2021

From 1 March 2021, enforcement of the DVS will officially begin. This gives organisations an extended grace period to ready their fleets & gain at least a one-star rating.

October 2022

The Safe System will be reviewed in order to determine if any additional equipment or technology is required to further improve the DVS initiative.

October 2024

All HGVs with a rating below three stars will need to utilise a Progressive Safe System.

How can Peak-Ryzex & Connexas help?

Peak-Ryzex is a globally recognised name in end-to-end mobility solutions, with decades of experience delivering the latest technology into T&L organisations and businesses operating in the supply chain. In partnership with telematics specialist Connexas, we have the experience and expertise to provide all the technology and accessories your fleet needs to be fully compliant with the DVS, with a comprehensive suite of managed services to support your business in the months and years to come. Contact us today to find out more and be ready for the Direct Vision Standard on 1 March 2021.

Did you know?

Safe Systems with 0-2 stars will have permits that last until 2024. 3,4 & 5-star rated Safe Systems will be granted a ten-year permit.

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