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Flexibility In The Palm Of Your Hand With The Individually Assigned EC50/EC55 Enterprise Mobile Computer From Zebra Technologies

For many years, smart devices for business have often looked, felt and performed very differently when compared to those in the consumer sector. The need for in-built scanning and rugged durability have often led to bulky and less aesthetically-pleasing devices – but what if there was a mobile computer that married the business-focused architecture of a rugged device with the sleek chassis and swift performance of a consumer handset?

Enter the EC5X range of Enterprise Mobile Computers from Peak-Ryzex technology partner Zebra Technologies. A lightweight device that combines a thin profile with the flexibility to meet almost any business need in retail, hospitality, healthcare and more.

Here are just some of the reasons the new EC50/EC55 could be the device your workers need to drive individual productivity:

Impressive Specs, Inside And Out

The EC5X range has been built to perform, even with its thinner 9.6mm profile and its base 173g weight, and its impressive components speak to that fact. The EC50/EX55’s Qualcomm SD660, 2.2 GHz Octa-core has proved to be one of the most reliable CPUs in mobile processing, so apps load in double quick time while Android 10 moves at the pace you’d expect from an equivalent enterprise device.

Its 5-inch HD touchscreen comes with Corning Gorilla Glass, so however busy a workplace might be, the display remains scratch-proof and impact resistant. The scanning variant also utilises Gorillas Glass for the scanning window so that delicate element is fully protected at all times.

Zebra EC50/EC55
Zebra EC50/EC55

Optional In-Built Scanning

The EC5X comes with the option of utilising an in-built scanner, which can be utilised in handheld form for use on the retail shop floor or in a ward for scanning patient wristbands. It can even be slipped into a gun holder and used for more consistent data capture in the stock room of a store or hotel.

The EC50/EC55 offers effortless omni-directional point and shoot scanning for rapid data capture, even when scanning damaged or poorly printed 1D and 2D barcodes (including Digimarc). As an enterprise Zebra device, the range also utilises PRZM Intelligent Imaging for fast data collection.

Consumer Features, Upgraded

WorryFree WiFi, Zebra Fusion and 2×2 MU-MIMO combine to create a consistently stable and secure connection when users are operating within the four walls, while support for cellular connectivity for the EC55 enables users to take these features out into the field with 3G and 4G.

Utilise NPC ‘one tap’ for past pairing and rapid payments, superior connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) and the support for a wide range of Zebra-approved accessories including charging docks, vehicle holsters, snap on trigger handles and much more.

Zebra EC50/EC55
Zebra EC50/EC55

Powering Individual Productivity

With its standard battery, the EC5X range will deliver a whole 10 hours of performance – more than enough to cover a shift. And when a shift goes longer, the extended battery will delivery up to 13 hours of productivity. So, whether you’re out on wards or working a long shift in hospitality, this device is ready to keep working with you.

The EC5X range are the only devices in their class to offer an extended battery option, enabling users to leverage Zebra’s extensive business technology expertise to deliver a battery that’s tailored to the long and demanding hours of a staff member in the workplace.

Consumer Looks, Business Durability

Consumer devices look great, especially on the higher end of the market, but they’re delicate machines that need a tough case to protect them. The EC50/EC55 benefits from Zebra’s long history of manufacturing enterprise rugged hardware, so this range of devices comes full prepared for the demands of the working day.

The range can survive up to 30 minutes under 1m of water; it has an IP67 dustproof rating; it’s been drop tested up to 1.2m while remaining fully operational and can extend that range to 1.5m with the additional protective boot accessory. It’s also tumbled tested up to 300 consecutive hits from 0.5m in the standard models. So, however challenging your working environment might be, the EC5X range is ready to perform.

Zebra EC5X Enterprise Mobile Computers

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