Looking to learn more about Windows to Android migration for your enterprise mobile devices? Let’s discuss the dynamic benefits of Ivanti Velocity (powered by Wavelink).

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Ivanti Velocity

If you’re looking to upgrade the mobile operations in your business by upgrading your Windows devices to Android and want to avoid the hassle of transferring your entire estate manually, then you need a fast, robust & multi-faceted solution. Enter Ivanti Velocity (powered by Wavelink).

Peak-Ryzex’s latest blog breaks down ten reasons why you should leverage this powerful delivery platform in your business, and how its many features have the potential to truly benefit the performance of your hardware.

Ivanti Velocity

Worldwide support, 24/7

Ivanti is available around the clock to support users with their Windows to Android transition, helping resolve any issues or complications that might arise as you make the transition to Android.



Voice enablement with SpeakEasy

Speed up the picking process with voice-enabled commands. Add voice to your existing telnet applications and roll out the use of voice in less than 30 days.

Utilise standard network protocols

Ivanti Velocity utilises the latest & most widely used TCP/IP routable protocols, so you’ll be able to administer changes to your network while keeping it secure.



Avoid the need for servers

Server downtime can seriously impact the performance of your network. Ivanti Velocity doesn’t rely on servers or middleware, removing the risk of ransomware attacks.

Optimisation through automation scripts

Power-up the performance of your workflows with optimised automation scripts. Add in meta tags and post-processing utilities for extra control of your estate.



Unlock advanced scanning

Revitalise the data capture capabilities of your new Android-based devices with hardware-specific scanning parameters for barcode scanning.

Deploy optimised telnet screens

With Velocity from Ivanti, you can modernise your Android devices and deploy modernised and optimised telnet screens in a matter of minutes.



Web apps to Android

Using web apps as part of your mobile infrastructure? Leverage bespoke HTML & CSS to improve the performance and appearance of your web apps for different screen sizes.

Transfer existing telnet apps

Make the migration from Windows to Android even smoother with the ability to run your ‘green screen’ apps within Velocity as you modernise the end experience.



Host system preservation

Avoid the disruption to your business-critical operations thanks to Ivanti Velocity’s ability to preserve existing enterprise host systems such as WMS, EPR & more.

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