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While much of the UK remains in lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic – including many industries and business sectors – those organisations deemed as essential must continue to operate while they serve the rest of the nation during this period. For many of these operations, mobile devices and mobility technology form a key part of their key worker functions. But with numerous users leveraging these terminals, the risk of increased infection can begin to grow.

As a leading name in mobility solutions, Peak-Ryzex continues to support many of these essential businesses across healthcare and the supply chain, so we wanted to share some helpful guidance on how best to clean the many kinds of mobile computers, scanners and printers in your essential workplace and the best hygiene practices to apply for complete disinfection.

Helpful tips for effective mobile device cleaning

If your organisation is providing an essential service to the nation, then your workers will be operating at a higher risk of infection. In order to help slow the spread of the virus and eventually ‘flatten the curve’, we’ve put together some helpful pieces of advice for the effective cleaning and regular disinfection of your mobile hardware.

Now your key workers can clean the hand terminals, tablets & printers they use daily and ensure they’re minimising potential contamination while ensuring they’re not actively damaging your hardware with potential harmful practices:


Clean devices on a regular basis

If devices are being used by multiple staff members, ensure said device is cleaned before being handed over. This also includes if devices are handed to a customer.

Only use suitable cleaning products & non-corrosive liquids

If cleaning a screen, use a microfiber-based material to reduce the risk of scratching. Also utilise sterilised cleaning wipes or soft cloths deemed suitable for use with electronic devices.

Unplug all charging cables & wires

Reduce the chance of damaging your device or potential electrocution by removing charging cables and other cabled-attached accessories while you’re cleaning your mobility tech.

Avoid abrasive products

Not every cleaning product is suitable for disinfecting your mobile hardware. Do not use any bleach-based liquid or aerosol sprays as these can cause damage to your device.

Clean regularly used accessories and supplementary items

Wherever your key workers operate, there’s a good chance they also utilise headsets, ring scanners, etc. These items must be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Consult OEM (original equipment manufacturer) manuals

Consult the literature and online manuals provided by the manufacturer of your equipment for additional cleaning tips.

Device cleaning advice direct from Peak-Ryzex’s partner ecosystem

Zebra Technologies

Premier Peak-Ryzex partner supplies a wide range of mobile hardware, and it’s kindly supplied a series of guides advising the best ways to clean & disinfect its devices:



Premier Peak-Ryzex partner Honeywell has also created a library of in-depth guides for customers who want to safely clean & disinfect a wide selection of Honeywell mobile devices:



As a provider enterprise-grade data collection and barcode scanning hardware, premier Peak-Ryzex partner Datalogic has created some helpful messaging on the best ways to safely clean its current range:



Premier Peak-Ryzex partner and hardware specialist Panasonic has advice and guidance on how to effectively clean & disinfect its range of TOUCGHBOOK rugged mobile computers:



Rugged accessories partner Nemesis has also created some helpful messaging on the importance of disinfection with Steri Wipes from LiquidNano:

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