National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion Week

Peak-Ryzex is proud to celebrate diversity & inclusion in the workplace with National Inclusion Week 2020’s theme of ‘Each One Reach One’. Read on to find out more about this important and inspirational week-long initiative.

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace With National Inclusion Week 2020

National Inclusion Week runs from 28th September to 4th October, 2020. This is an annual week of workplace activities and events that aims to highlight the importance of inclusion across the globe. It is an opportunity for companies to get connected and engage with people and employees who are passionate about inclusion in the workplace and elsewhere.

National Inclusion week was founded here in the UK and has been running for eight years, going global a few years back. National Inclusion week is all about promoting the vision of making sure people feel connected to the business they work within and, indeed, outside with the companies and customers they work with. 

National Inclusion Week
National Inclusion Week

This year’s theme is Each One Reach One. By sharing, promoting and inspiring your inclusion practices and culture: together, we will build and develop the inclusion momentum, every day.

Inclusion must be an action verb. Diversity and inclusion must actively be interwoven into the fabric of an organisation’s culture, so that everyone feels like they belong in the workplace – and that they can succeed. 

In honour of this week, we encourage you to join Peak-Ryzex in our commitment to diversity and inclusion and offer some simple steps to start the diversity and inclusion conversation or keep the momentum going.

4 Top Tips on Starting a Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion

  • 1: Keep it informal – diversity topics can feel a little personal so make sure you create a relaxed informal environment so that people feel comfortable.
  • 2: If you feel comfortable, use a personal experience to start the conversation – this signals that it is not taboo to share our life stories and experiences.
  • 3: Active listening – it is important to listen to the experiences or perspectives of the person you are talking with and respond accordingly. When we practice active listening, we do not know what we will say next because it’s based on the other person's response.
  • 4: Take the opportunity to learn and change - conversations on inclusion should be enjoyable, they may not be fun and light-hearted all the time, but they should be enjoyable because you have learnt something or been offered a new perspective.

You can also learn more about inclusion by visiting the National Inclusion Week website.

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