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Protect your staff with the social distance applications and increased scanning capabilities of the ProGlove, and the rugged mobile performance of the Samsung XCover Pro. Contact Peak-Ryzex today to speak to one of our mobility technology specialists.

Pick & Pack Safely In The Warehouse With The Advanced Scanning Power of ProGlove & The Galaxy XCover Pro

The modern warehouse has changed forever, and that means keeping your staff safe with social distance measures & COVID-19 ready hardware – but health & safety needn’t come at the expense of productivity. Enter the ProGlove hands-free scanner range and the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.


The ProGlove MARK range, deployed into your warehouse as part of a mobility solution from Peak-Ryzex, delivers precision-engineered scanning that will increase productivity in your picking & packing operations by up to 30% when compared with traditional scanning solutions. Reduce errors with an ergonomic, hands-free operation, supporting natural motion while allowing adopting hardware that’s innovative & fully customisable.

ProGlove MARK Display


Protect your warehouse staff

  • Reduce the risk of spreading infection with a hands-free operation
  • Maintain social distance with the ProGlove Connect Proximity app
  • Lessen the impact of strains and support natural motion
  • Lightweight design leaves enough room for additional PPE

A cost-effective scanning alternative

  • Improve your scanning operations by up to a third with ProGlove
  • Increased productivity with a better error prevention rate
  • Premium build quality results in less breakages
  • Leverage an unprecedented ROI in your picking & packing setup


  • Learn more about Samsung on the Samsung Partner Page

Your new ProGlove MARK scanner needs to be paired with a smart device, and few devices come as ideally suited to the modern warehouse as the enterprise-ready Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

The Android-ready Galaxy XCover Pro is built to withstand the rugged demands of your warehouse environment, offering your business a multi-functional mobile device. Leverage the market-leading security of Knox and protect your mobile infrastructure and the sensitive data that powers your  operations.


Military-grade design

The Galaxy XCover Pro is IP68 rated for resistance to dust, dirt, sand & water and has withstood drop tests up to 1.5 metres.

Power for hours

Ensure your Galaxy XCover Pro is built to run, even under pressure, with a powerful battery. It also supports battery hotswapping when you need that extra time.

Glove-ready screen

Health & hygiene procedures are protected with the Enhanced Touch capabilities of the Galaxy XCover Pro. Workers with gloves can utilise their device without hinderance.

Defence-grade security

The Galaxy XCover Pro comes with Samsung Knox, the market leader for multi-layered security platforms. Keep your data & devices safe.

Learn More About the Samsung ProGlove

Contact us to learn more about how you can pick & pack more safely in the warehouse with the Samsung ProGlove.

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