Is Your Retail Self-Service Returns Process As Efficient As It Could Be?

It's time to re-energise your in-store returns

Our latest blog looks into the ever-changing world of retail, and the benefits of utilising self-service in your reverse logistics infrastructure.

In a post-COVID world, customers continue to show a great deal of interest in services that connect brick and mortar stores with online offers. Services such as Contactless Click & Collect has helped drive users to pick up their orders safely in store, and that same sense of choice will be expected from the returns process as well.

Rather than diverting staff resources to process returned items manually, utilising an automated process could be the answer your retail infrastructure is looking for. Self-Service setups enable customers to visit a store with their item, scan it in and easily enter it into the start of your existing reverse logistics process.

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Working Smarter For Customers

Retailers are incredibly resilient, finding new ways to adapt to the challenges of the modern retail sector. Retail organisations were one of the industries hit hardest by COVID, with the temporary closure of brick and mortar stores pushing shopping trends online. And now that stores have reopened, that means a greater number of items that need returning and increased footfall overall.

Self-service has become incredibly popular in recent years, enabling customers to walk into a store and complete their entire retail experience at their own pace. As customers find renewed confidence in physical shopping, utilising self-service in multiple areas can help improve the efficiency of a retailer tenfold.

Staff resources no longer need to be used for manning a returns desk – instead, you can redirect manpower to support other areas of the store that need their attention. It’s a cost-effective investment that ultimately helps your retail infrastructure run like a well-oiled machine.

A More Efficient Retail Operation

Returns and unwanted items are an inevitable part of the retail process, but that experience can be more rewarding for the customer and your reverse logistics setup with the introduction of a Self-Service Returns Solution. With a small form factor that doesn’t take up too much space in a busy retail setting, a Self-Service Returns kiosk can provide myriad benefits to your existing process, including:

Self-service is the future of retail, so why not consider the benefits of giving more agency to your returned items process? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can introduce a bespoke Self-Service Returns Solution into your retail stores.

Self-Service Returns

Contact one of our experts today and learn more about our Self-Service Returns Solutions for the retail sector.

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