SOTI MobiControl for Retail

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Revitalising Your Retail Operations With The Device Management Capabilities Of SOTI MobiControl

Enterprise Mobility Management for Retail

Mobile devices have become a core part of the modern retail & omnichannel operation. From helping customers on the shop floor with product lookups and price checks, to the inventory management of items in the stock room, tablets and smartphones make all the difference when meeting customer expectations and driving up sales. Even smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices help track vital data from footfall and customer journeys throughout a retail premises.

With SOTI MobiControl, delivered into your retail operation as part of an end-to-end mobility solution from Peak-Ryzex, you can leverage a dynamic software platform that manages your entire suite of smart devices through their respective lifecycles.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience with SOTI MobiControl

Deploy Apps to Multiple Stores

With the power of SOTI XTreme Technology, you can roll out new updates and apps to multiple devices across different stores in minutes with the cloud-based capabilities of MobiControl.

Remote Troubleshooting

When a device encounters issues, you can remotely triage the device, conducting diagnostics to troubleshoot the issue, rollout a fix and resolve in the issue in hours, not minutes.

Complete Device Oversight

Track every smart device in your stores – including customer self-scan guns, POS stations, staff handsets, Bluetooth beacons and more – with a real-time picture of all your smart devices.

Empowering Customers

SOTI MobiControl doesn’t just give you oversight of your staff hardware, but also the self-shop devices your customers use in store, from the first scan right through to self-service payment.

Security Lockdown

Restrict mobile devices to the use of business-critical software to protect staff productivity and ensure no unauthorised apps are downloaded (leading to data-stealing malware).

Retail Mobility, Transformed

SOTI is a long-standing Peak-Ryzex technology partner, and we have years of experience working with in partnership to deliver bespoke SOTI MobiControl solutions into retailers of all sizes and backgrounds. With our help, your retail infrastructure will be transformed for the better.

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