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Zebra’s TC52 Touch Computers Offer Greater Mobility For Retail Operations Within The Four Walls

Zebra TC52 and M-Netics Retail

The modern retail sector is a demanding place to do business, and that means organisations operating in this space need technology that’s powerful enough to support peak business periods on the dynamic operating platform that is Android.

That’s where the TC52 comes in. One of the latest additions to Zebra Technologies growing range of touch computers, the TC52 boasts some of the business-focused features of a rugged device while combining them with the look, feel and familiarity of a consumer-style smartphone handset.

With the latest version of Android installed – and support for future updates – this innovative device will be instantly familiar to retail operators, reducing the cost of additional training to get staff up to speed.

Zebra TC52

And with the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile processor at its disposal, every application running on the TC52 will perform just as you need it, even during peak periods of business. The TC52 also features faster processing speeds than previous models in the series, benefits from an improved battery (which charges up to four times as fast), enhanced audio support for clear communication between staff on the shop floor and those in the stock room, advanced Bluetooth support (including Bluetooth 5.0) and much more. When you’re working within the four walls, this is the kind of device your retail operation needs. And with its in-built scanner – for scanning 1D & 2D barcodes, etc – your staff have more capabilities at their fingertips.

Retail organisations can enhance their operations from the ground up with the feature rich TC52

  • More responsive apps thanks to faster processing speeds
  • Advanced Wi-Fi feature support with longer range and faster speeds
  • Improved audio with advanced noise reduction
  • Built-in support for AI (artificial intelligence) driven applications
  • Support for longer device lifecycle (including future Android releases)

Transforming retail operations with the power of M-Netics Retail from Peak-Ryzex

The TC52 from Zebra Technologies is designed to run even the most demanding business-critical applications, including the dynamic modular capabilities of M-Netics Retail from Peak-Ryzex.

M-Netics Retail offers a software experienced designed to enhance the retail HHT (handheld terminal) experience from the shop floor right to to your distribution centres. Its eight core modules – which are fully customisable to your exact needs thanks to our in-house software development teams – are designed to give your retail managers & retail associates the power to truly transform your operations.

With the benefits of M-Netics Retail from Peak-Ryzex, delivered to you as part of an end-to-end mobility solution with the Zebra TC52, you can leverage the following powerful features:

Peak-Ryzex’s longstanding relationship with Zebra Technologies makes our end-to-end mobility solutions an ideal fit for your unique retail operations.

The Zebra TC52, M-Netics Retail & You

Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage the touch computer hardware excellence of the Zebra TC52 and the retail software innovation of M-Netics Retail with a bespoke mobility solution from Peak-Ryzex. We look forward to hearing from you.

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