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Transforming Your Last Mile Capabilities With An ePOD Solution Featuring M-Netics ePOD, the Honeywell ScanPal EDA71 Enterprise Tablet & Brodit's In-Cab Mounts

Going That Extra Mile With ePOD

Today’s supply chain doesn’t have the time to wait, especially when customers are waiting for their orders to arrive. The last mile remains as important as ever, so businesses operating fleets across the country need the right technology in place to fulfil deliveries with the utmost efficiency. That’s where Peak-Ryzex comes in.

Our ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) Solutions are built around your exact needs, leveraging the latest advances in rugged hardware, robust in-cab accessories and software innovation – all wrapped in a ongoing package that delivers managed service support, repairs, exchanges and more. With our last mile expertise, your customer’s will return to your business again and again.

A Peak-Ryzex ePOD Solution in partnership with Honeywell includes:

  • Leading-edge ePOD software & applications
  • Rugged and consumer-grade hardware
  • Secure and reliable in-cab mounts
  • Professional and Managed Services

Going The Extra Mile With M-Netics ePOD, The Honeywell ScanPal EDA71 Enterprise Tablet and Brodit’s In-Cab Mounts

An ePOD Solution from Peak-Ryzex leverages the very latest innovations from our ecosystem of technology partners, including the rugged performance of the Honeywell ScanPal EDA71 Enterprise Tablet, the dynamic agency of Peak-Ryzex’s M-Netics ePOD solution and Brodit’s range of enterprise in-cab mounts and accessories.

With this solution deployed in your transport & logistics operation, your fleet can leverage these powerful features:

Deliveries & Collections

M-Netics ePOD from Peak-Ryzex enables your organisation to track and manage deliveries and collections, grouping them into Job Lists for drivers so they can ensure the last mile of the fulfilment process is completed to the customer’s highest level of satisfaction.

Capture Signatures

Drivers can capture customer signatures with ease thanks to M-Netics ePOD. And The rugged design of the Honeywell EDA71 tablet makes it ideal for carrying to and from the vehicle, and its tough enough to withstand drops onto the ground and exposure to adverse weather.

Route Navigation

Secured in Brodit in-cab mounts, your Honeywell EDA71 tablets can be used to access live updates from head office with up-to-date routes and refreshed Job Lists. Drivers can optimise their time on the road and ensure deliveries are made on time and within SLA.

ePOD: The Essential Components

M-Netics ePOD Software Platform

M-Netics ePOD from Peak-Ryzex is a dynamic software platform that enables your logistics business to operate a smooth, consistent and reliable last mile delivery service. Fully compatible with the Honeywell Scanpal EDA71 Enterprise Tablet, M-Netics ePOD enables drivers to access up to date Job Lists, capture images of delivery packages, perform vehicle checks and more.

  • Multi-faceted last mile applications
  • Idea for use on HHTs (handheld terminals)
  • M-Netics eTRACK integration

Honeywell ScanPal EDA71 Enterprise Tablet

Your drivers need a mobile device that marries the rugged protection of business-ready hardware with the performance of a competitive spec tablet. The Honeywell ScanPal EDA71 Enterprise Tablet boasts a 7-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen, a 13MP camera, support for flexible network coverage and security updates to protect your sensitive data.

  • Rugged 7-inch tablet for enterprise
  • Fast 1D/2D scanning options
  • Powerful 8-core processor

Brodit In-Cab Mounts

When drivers are out on the road, their business devices need to be secured in a way that provides protection and direct access to the device for route navigation and more. Brodit’s range of expertly designed in-cab mounts are perfectly suited to the Honeywell EDA71 tablet, enabling you to affix the stand to the dashboard with the minimum of effort.

  • Supports Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3
  • Secure hardware while on the road
  • Rugged components & build

ePOD Solutions with M-Netics, Honeywell and Brodit

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