Android Zero-Touch

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Deploying Your Enterprise Devices Couldn’t Be Easier With Android Zero-Touch Enrolment

What is Android Zero-Touch?

Refreshing your mobile estate can be a real headache. Whether you’re deploying a single handset for a new user or 2,000 devices across multiple sites, you need to be sure that every device is configured to run your business-critical apps.

So how do you tackle this enrolment conundrum without forcing your organisation to lose valuable business in the process?

For users rolling out Android devices, Android Zero-Touch aims to tackle this issue head on. Google has designed a software delivery platform that works with your existing Mobility Device Management (MDM) systems, enabling you to determine the deployment configuration of your devices without the need for time-consuming manual setups.

It’s easy to use, and provides an automation process that frees up valuable resources in your IT helpdesk and support teams.

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Android Zero-Touch

How does it work?

1. Purchase Your Devices

Start by purchasing your devices from a certified Android Zero-Touch partner. Peak-Ryzex is an Android Enterprise Partner, and we have considerable experience leveraging Zero-Touch as part of our end-to-end mobility solutions.

2. Account Creation

Next, we’ll create a customer account for you, which you’ll then be able to access via the Zero-Touch Enrolment Portal – an online tool designed to help you manage your devices.

3. Link Your Coporate Email

3. You’ll now need to link your main corporate email address – or whichever address you’d like to use for this process – with Google in order to verify the process.

4. Assigning Your Devices

Now we’ll assign the Android Zero-Touch devices you’ve purchased to your Android Zero-Touch account, enabling you to access every single mobile handset in your new estate.

5. Configure Your Devices

From the Zero-Touch Enrolment Portal, you can create brand new configurations, or edit existing ones, all with a few simple clicks. You can set defaults to ensure every new device added to your estate follows the same rules, and you can roll these out to single devices or thousands of handsets at once. The choice is yours.

6. Your Devices Are Ready

When users open the box and boot up their device, they’ll follow the standardised setup process you’ve rolled out, ensuring they’re fully informed in a few easy steps and ready to start maximising the effectiveness of their handset right away.

Rapid deployment through automation

Android Zero-Touch
  • Ensure your mobile devices are deployed to your exact standards, including business-critical apps
  • Android Zero-Touch Enrolment is the deployment solution that scales to your needs, however big or small your business size.
  • Automating your deployment process ensures your IT teams can register and enrol new devices at a rapid pace, with your configurations always in place.

Peak-Ryzex is a certified Android Zero-Touch Enrolment partner, which means we can support you through the entire process. With Zero-Touch, you can prepare and roll out your new Android devices so your users can use them right out of the box, with minimal set up steps required. Free up resources from your IT helpdesk and ensure your Android mobile devices can start working with you in no time.

Compatible With MDM Platforms Such As:

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