Camera Telematics Are A Must For Any Fleet: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Take to the roads with every eye open

Our latest blog looks into the demands and pressures of running a fleet on UK roads, and how a multi-faceted Camera Telematics Solution can make a fleet safer to operate and more cost-effective to run.

There’s no denying it: technology has helped transform the way transport & logistics operates run their fleets. More capable HHTs (Handheld Devices) and enhanced software have helped replace clumsy paperwork for vehicle checks and customer deliveries; route optimisation has made fleets more cost effective and vastly improved the efficiency of a driver’s schedule; and live vehicle tracking has given fleet managers a greater oversight of their vehicles when they’re out in the field.

But that sight isn’t as all-seeing as it should be. Whether you’re operating HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles), PCVs (Passenger Carrying Vehicles) or other large vehicles, blind spots are always an issue. Increased mirrors can help, but they don’t ensure drivers, other road users and pedestrians are truly safe from potential road traffic accidents.

However, with a camera telematics solution deployed on each of your vehicles, your fleet can be given the sort of oversight that gives fleet managers a live insight into driver behaviours as well as capturing high definition footage of incidents as they develop on the road. Here are just some of the reasons why your fleet will be better off with one.

1. Gain a true insight into driver behaviours

On-board camera systems are multi-faceted in their benefits, such as how they give you a far more detailed picture of how your drivers are performing when driving your vehicles. Driver-facing cameras provide a live feed of how drivers react to developing incidents, their current condition during long-haul journeys and – perhaps most importantly of all – show how a driver behaved when faced with a road traffic accident. Combine this with vehicle data, such as tyre pressure and braking performance and you have a truly beneficial insight.

Camera Telematics
Camera Telematics

2. Protect drivers during insurance claim cases

As much as you prepare your drivers with training courses and on-board vision systems, you can’t account for the behaviours and decision making of other road users and pedestrians. When road incidents involving your vehicles do happen, a camera telematics solution can help exonerate drivers by utilising recorded footage of their in-cab response, the data collected by on-board sensors and the view of other involved parties. Reduce the cost of unnecessary pay outs and stop the impact of fraudulent claims completely with camera telematics.

3. Track the condition of your in-transit assets

Developments in asset tracking enable you to follow the path of your pallets and products as they travel from one site to another, but what about the current condition and status of those items? Camera systems don’t just provide an insight into the driver and road conditions – they also give you an unprecedented view inside your trailers and truck interiors. With internal cameras, you can track your assets to ensure they’re secure while in transit – providing vitally important data should any items arrive in a damaged state.

Camera Telematics
Camera Telematics

4. Reduce conditions that lead to accidents

A camera telematics solution can make all the difference when your vehicle is unfortunately involved in a road traffic incident, but technology bundles such as these can be just as important from a preventative perspective. Driver behaviours can be identified and addressed in advance; vehicle issues can be identified through telematics data and rectified; and previous incidents can ensure that company-wide policies are properly updated to protect the reputation of your logistics operations and the confidence of your drivers.

5. Increased ROI with a more cost-effective fleet

Fleets are understandably an expensive aspect of any logistics operation, so making them more efficient from a budget point of view is always part of the conversation. Camera telematics will provide a return on investment across your fleet. Pay outs from insurance claims will be reduced; vehicle repairs and potential write offs will be substantially decreased; and vehicle longevity can be extended with the insights into vehicle performance and driver behaviours. Now your fleet can run more efficiently and allow you to invest them elsewhere in the business.

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