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UV Light Sanitising – Is It Safe? A Guide From Peak-Ryzex

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has impacted all our lives, both at home and in the workplace, and we’re now all acutely aware of just how easily COVID-19 can be spread. Social distancing and stringent health & safety standards are helping flatten the curve, but what about working settings where mobile & fixed hardware are in constant use by multiple workers? That’s where our COVID-19 Solutions come in.

There’s an alternative to using harmful chemicals on your devices, and it comes in the form of UV light. Peak-Ryzex is ready to support your organisation by implementing several different UV light solutions into your business – both for fixed hardware & mobile devices – but, understandably, you might have some concerns over the safe use of UV light.

To help put your mind at ease, Peak-Ryzex has put together a handy guide on the safety, reliability & efficacy of utilising UV light to sanitise electronic devices & non-critical items. Highlights in this article include:

  • What is UV light?
  • How does UV light affect pathogens?
  • Is it safe to use in the workplace?
  • Will UV-C light damage my devices?

What Is UV Light?

Ultraviolet light comes in three forms – UV-A, UV-B & UV-C – with each one’s respective strength defined by its wavelength. Germicidal UV utilises ultraviolet light with the highest energy density of these three bands (UV-C) to effectively break down pathogens and other harmful biomaterials.

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How Does UV Light Affect Pathogens?

When used correctly, germicidal ultraviolet light is incredibly effective at breaking down viruses, bacteria & spores. The light disrupts the DNA of these pathogens, thus rendering them unable to replicate and pose any further threat.

UV-C light needs to have a direct line of sight to non-porous surface in order to maximise its effectiveness, so with that mind, Peak-Ryzex is able to provide UV light solutions that effectively apply this principle, ensuring your hardware is sanitised to optimum standards.

Is It Safe To Use In The Workplace?

With a wavelength of 100-280 nanometres, UV-C is the most dangerous of ultraviolet lights and is the only UV light actively blocked by our planet’s ozone layer. This makes it the most effective means of disrupting pathogens, but only when it is utilised in a contained environment where the eyes & skin are not exposed.

The safety of our customers is of paramount concern to us, so all our UV light solutions leverage hardware that is specifically designed to protect users. Whether its an enclosed container or a motion-controlled lamp, the right hardware solution can be applied to the unique needs of your working environment.

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Will UV-C Light Damage My Devices?

Your mobile hardware estate has likely been a considerable investment, and that means you can’t afford to damage them. Thankfully, UV-C light doesn’t dry out or degrade materials in the way chemical wipes or cleaning fluids do, so you can use items with touchscreens, cameras & IR sensors (including mobile computers, tablets & more) with full confidence your devices will be sanitised without the risk of damage.

Some At-A-Glance UV-C Sanitising For Mobile Device Facts

Fast Sanitisation

Utilising a rapid sanitisation solution removes up to 99.9998% of pathogens & bacteria in 20 seconds and doesn’t require charging due to the short sanitising cycle.

Hard Surface Friendly

UV-C light will yield optimum results when applied directly to a hard, non-porous surface. The effectiveness of the sanitising is reduced when applied to fabrics.

Multiple Applications

Our UV light solutions are carefully curated to meet the needs of multiple industry verticals, including payment kiosks in a retail setting, high footfall areas in a healthcare setting & more.

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