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Zebra WT6300 & Zebra RS6000 – Modernising The Warehouse With Hands-Free Automation

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on every facet of our lives, including how we buy and sell products and services. eCommerce has boomed as a result, with customers heading online more than ever to make their purchases. That’s placed a considerable extra strain on the supply chain, with warehouse operators and logistics providers having to pivot to meet that greater demand and hunger for faster turnaround times.

More than ever, warehouse staff need to be more agile in their responsibilities, picking, packing and fulfilling orders with speed and confidence. Automation is a key driving force in making a warehouse and distribution centre more efficient by giving users more agency with hands-free fulfilment and scanning.

The Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer and the Zebra RS6000 Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner are designed to automate the day-to-day tasks of a modern warehouse operator. With a wrist-mounted computer and a scanner on a single finger, uses will transform their productivity and maximise uptime, even during peak periods.

Zebra WT6300 and Zebra RS6000 – Enterprise-Grade Wearable Automation

Delivered as part of a warehouse productivity solution from Peak-Ryzex, the pairing of the WT6300 Wearable Computer and RS6000 Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner complement one another perfectly as a wearable data capture and data processing toolkit. Your warehouse operators can utilise a responsive touchscreen on their wrist to access the latest product information, while scanning barcodes with speed thanks to the power of the RS6000.

Here are the some of the key benefits of a warehouse automation solution powered by the Zebra WT6300 and the Zebra RS6000:

Increase Productivity by 30%

Utilise a total wearable solution from Peak-Ryzex and Zebra Technologies and users can increase productivity by up to 30%. Scan barcodes, process product data and fulfil orders with a hands-free operation that gives agency and confidence back to your staff.

Rugged and Ready Hardware

The WT6300 is designed to endure the rigors and demands of a modern warehouse, and is water-resistant, dustproof and ready to operate even at sub-zero temperatures. The WT6300 is the only device in its class rated for use in a freezer. Its Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen is also far tougher than a consumer-grade device.

Best-of-Breed Scanning

The RS6000 enables your staff to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, even when they’re poorly printed or partially damaged, utilising a best-of-breed set of dual scan engines. Users will be able to bring up key product and consignment information direct to the WT6300 Wearable Computer.

Superior Comfort for the Warehouse

Both the WT6300 and the RS6000 are light and comfortable to wear, with the RS6000 offering a smaller size to reduce fatigue when scanning over long shifts. The WT6300 utilises a breathable silicon sleeve that can be easily adjusted for added comfort.

Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer

With the explosion of ecommerce, picking and sorting have become full time jobs, not only in the warehouse, but in the retail store, where orders placed online need to be ready for pickup in as little as two hours. Empower your pickers and sorters to handle it all with ease with the hands-free WT6300. Building on Zebra WT6000, the WT6300 offers new features that take productivity and order accuracy to the next level.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor
  • 1,000 tumbles @ 0.5m
  • Android-ready operation

Zebra RS6000 Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner

When you pair your Zebra wearable or handheld mobile computers with Zebra’s RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, you give your workers the superior technology they need to take productivity to the next level. You get our most rugged ring-style scanner, built to deliver reliable operation in the warehouse and manufacturing plant — inside, on the loading dock or in the freezer.

  • 1.8 m drop specification
  • Bluetooth v4.0 and BLE capability

Hands-Free Scanning Protects COVID-19 Hygiene Protocols

Your warehouse is busier than ever, and that increases the chance of COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens spreading on your premises. Hands-free technology solutions enable users to scan and process information with the minimum of physical touch, thus reducing the risk of further contamination among your staff.

Warehouse Automation with the Zebra WT6300 & RS6000

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