The Rugged Smartphone Designed for Small Business

Small business personnel spend their days making deliveries, repairing equipment or providing services—from plumbing and electrical to parcel delivery, yard maintenance and more. Every day, there’s so much to do, so little time—and so many competitors ready to serve their customers if they can’t get the job done fast enough. They need a tool to work faster and smarter to satisfy their users every day. And with the TC25, they can.

The TC25 is built for work. Rain, heat, sub-zero cold, drops and spill, the TC25 can handle it all. With the unique snap-on power pack, users never need to worry about running out of battery power. The real barcode scanner can instantly capture virtually any barcode in any condition—no aiming and no waiting. Now workers can scan parts to ensure the costs are captured for a repair or scan items in an order to verify delivery, capturing the information needed to protect profits and customer service quality—without adding time-consuming paper-and-pen processes. Put the power to save time and money, increase sales and boost profitability in the hands of workers with the TC25—the rugged smartphone designed for small business.