Zebra TC57

Contact Peak-Ryzex today to find out more about the Android-powered capabilities of the TC52 & TC57 from Zebra Technologies and how we can support your business with an end-to-end mobility solution.

Greater Mobility Equals Greater Capability Outside The Four Walls With The TC57 Touch Computer From Zebra

Zebra TC57 and M-Netics Supply Chain Software from Peak-Ryzex

Peak-Ryzex technology partner Zebra Technologies has made a name for itself creating some of the most feature-rich rugged devices for business applications, but its diverse portfolio also extends to devices that leverage the familiar capabilities of a traditional consumer smartphone.

With the TC52, Zebra gave users the chance to experience that crossover of business function and consumer looks within the four walls of the retail environment – especially when paired with Peak-Ryzex’s own bespoke M-Netics Supply Chain software applications – but what about organisations operating in field services or transport & logistics who want to make the most of these devices beyond those walls?

Zebra TC57

The Zebra TC57 tackles this issue head on, offering users many of the features of the TC57, alongside a few new additions and support for cellular connectivity. For drivers who need to stay connected to the latest updates from head office; for those who need to capture customer signatures and scan parcels; for mobile workers who want to run even the most graphically demanding applications. The TC57 is designed to deliver when out on the road.

Performance where it counts for T&L

Like the TC52, the Zebra TC57 runs on the latest version of Android, so users won’t have to go through lengthy & costly retraining sessions. Android is fast, reliable and instantly familiar to any user with a consumer smartphone. Other powerful benefits include:

Enhancing the fulfilment experience with M-Netics Supply Chain

Whether you’re operating a distribution of stock to your retail stores, fulfilling deliveries as part of a wider logistics network or supporting customers with field services, M-Netics ePOD and eTRACK will enable your organisation to organise, manage and amend driver schedules, with drivers able to receive the latest job & route updates direct to their TC57 device. Fully customisable thanks to our award-winning in-house software development teams, you can leverage electronic proof of collection (ePOC), electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), accurate data capture with the TC57’s in-built scanning capability and much more. From mid-market businesses to enterprise-grade organisations, M-Netics Supply Chain from Peak-Ryzex is fully scalable and ready to meet your needs.

The Zebra TC57, M-Netics Supply Chain & You

Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage the touch computer hardware excellence of the Zebra TC57 and the software capabilities of M-Netics Supply Chain with a bespoke mobility solution from Peak-Ryzex. We look forward to hearing from you.

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