Transform the productivity of your warehouse and logistics printing with the flexible capabilities of the Zebra ZT400 Series Industrial Printer. Contact Peak-Ryzex today to find out more.

Increase Print Uptime In The Warehouse With Zebra’s ZT400 Series Industrial Printers & The Support Of Zebra OneCare

The modern supply chain never stops moving, so your printer infrastructure needs the capacity to keep up with the pace of your warehouse and logistics operations

Utilising normal desktop printers simply isn’t good enough when volumes increase – and that’s where industrial printers come in, offering the kind of large-scale printing prowess that elevate your printing performance.

With the ZT400 Series Industrial Printers from Zebra Technologies, delivered as part of a Peak-Ryzex mobility solution, you’ll increase your print uptime while decreasing the need for tiresome training thanks to its easy-to-use functionality and flexibility.

The Zebra ZT400 Series includes:

Zebra ZT411

Zebra ZT421

Zebra ZT400

Printer accessibility for the modern warehouse

Industrial features shouldn’t mean a complex operation, so the ZT400 Series has been designed empower users with multi-functionality without the need for costly training programs. So, you can deploy this powerful printer in your DC or warehouse at a rapid pace.

4.3" Touch Display

From inputting information to making calibrations, the in-built colour display of the ZT400 Series will alert the user with prompts to ensure print runs aren’t interrupted.

Accessible Media Paths

Users can easily load supplies with a side-loading path, while the path for threading the ribbon is lit within the printer, ensuring easy replacement regardless of where you are in the four walls.

Link-OS Functionality

The ZT400 Series supports a Link-OS menu system, so users familiar with this common end user experience can easily adapt to the inputs and menus of industrial printing.

Flexible media handling at your fingertips

The ZT400 Series isn’t just a one size fits all industrial printer – it’s a modular platform that can be updated and modified as your printer needs change and evolve. So, there’s no need to purchase a new printer – simply install the new accessories and parts your operation needs.

Fast Installation

You can customise the ZT400 Series to meet the exact print requirements of your warehouse or logistics operation – simply purchase the accessories you need and install in minutes.

Support For RFID Printing

Looking to incorporate RFID tags into your label printing? You can easily add RFID printing capabilities to your ZT400 Series for greater tracking abilities in the field.

Powerful Processing

The ZT400 Series boasts a robust internal processer and in-built memory, enabling it to support ongoing operating system updates and firmware for the best print performance.

Maximise value with ongoing support

The ZT400 Series Industrial Printer is designed to support your printing infrastructure for years to come, and that long-term investment comes with support for Zebra’s Link-OS operating system, Print DNA applications and ongoing Zebra OneCare support.

Support For MDM

The ZT400 Series enables integration with remote mobile device management (MDM) solutions, ensuring you can identify and fix issues to reduce print downtime in the warehouse.

Protect Sensitive Data

The information you’re printing is often of a sensitive nature, so ensure it remains protected with the security protocols of Zebra’s own PrintSecure software.

Zebra OneCare Support

Zebra OneCare is a support service available in three tiers – Essential, Select or Premier – that ensures your devices can be exchanged or repaired to reduce operational downtime.

Keep printing with Zebra OneCare

Provided as part of an end-to-end mobility solution from Peak-Ryzex, Zebra OneCare enables you to maximise printer uptime and protect business performance with ongoing support plan for repairs, exchanges and remote hardware triage & fix. Zebra OneCare comes in three unique tiers:

  • Essential - For basic assurance
  • Select - For maximum protection
  • Premier - For advanced services

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