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Citizen CT-S601 POS Thermal Receipt Printer (No interface, Black)

No interface, Black
Excl. Tax: £153.36 Incl. Tax: £184.03

Citizen CT-S601 POS Thermal Receipt Printer (No interface, Ivory White)

No interface, Ivory White
Excl. Tax: £153.36 Incl. Tax: £184.03

The CT-S601 is our full-function mid-range POS printer. Capable of print speeds of up to 200mm/sec, with high resolution from a tough, long-life thermal printhead, the CT-S601 incorporates an integrated power supply, self-retracting cutter and a top paper exit.

Box contents for CT-S601 printer:

  • printer, 
  • interface cover, 
  • AC power cord, 
  • power switch cover, 
  • sample paper roll, 
  • CD-ROM, 
  • quick start guide.


  • high-speed (200 mm/s) printing,
  • compact design,
  • internal media guide for 2 or 3" paper rolls,
  • built-in power supply or AC adaptor types available,
  • printer status and errors indicated by LED and buzzer,
  • equipped with fast and quiet auto-retracting cutter,
  • interchangeable interface,
  • built-in cash drawer kick-out interface, 
  • barcode and 2D barcode printing supported,
  • stores user-defined characters and logos in user memory,
  • driver and utility software included.

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An auto-cutter will separate the paper from the roll after each receipt is printed. When speed and reliability are essential, receipt printers with auto-cutters are often a defining factor especially in kitchen and order picking applications. With an auto-cutter you ensure that each receipt is completely separated which helps reduce paper jams and time spent with poorly torn receipts.


203 DPI

Barcode printing in 203 DPI is great for text, numbers, and codes, but may appear a bit grainy or pixelated. You can improve the print quality of a barcode printed in 200 DPI by making the barcode physically larger on your label, but you may not have enough space to do this on your label. If you decide to do this, please note that each barcode must be scaled proportionately, since the aspect ratio of each barcode is strictly defined by each barcode symbology.203 DPI Printers are the fastest barcode printers and are suitable for high volume applications. 

Printing Method

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer involves the thermal print head elements (dots) heating the backside of a thermal transfer ribbon to melt and transfer the compounds on the front side of the ribbon to the label. Print head life in direct thermal printing applications is significantly reduced when compared to thermal transfer printing applications. Generally speaking, a company should anticipate direct thermal print heads providing an expected lifetime of 25% - 50% of a thermal transfer print head. As an example, if a company is printing 10 million, six inch long labels per period with an expected thermal transfer print head life of 4 million inches, they would expect to replace the print head 15 times. If the same application were direct thermal, they would expect to replace the print head 30 – 60 times. Depending upon throughput volumes, the cost differential may be significant and has to be considered in any evaluation.