The main interaction shoppers have with your organisation often comes at the point of sale. You need fast and accurate transactions to keep your lanes flowing smoothly and keep your customers returning time after time.

Zebra’s 2D Array Imagers also improve productivity – giving you the ability to capture the data that matters most. Whether you are scanning traditional printed 1D barcodes or a 2D mobile coupon presented from your mobile application, Zebra’s 2D imagers capture the data you need, the first time, every time. With the most comprehensive range of purpose built 2D imagers on the market; there’s one built for your business that will help you improve customer service, encourage greater loyalty and increase sales.

Capture The Sale, Every Way

Read all barcodes

Sales associates can capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in practically any condition, including those that are damaged, torn, badly printed or difficult to read, with blazing speed. Zebra’s Imagers can also read barcodes on the screen of a mobile device, to enable mobile loyalty and coupon applications.

Read multiple barcodes

When you need to capture important product information embedded in multiple barcodes on a package or work order, Zebra’s multi-code technology makes it a quick and easy task, reading multiple barcodes in a single trigger pull

Omnidirectional scanning

Speed checkout and keep lines moving, as there’s no need to align the device with the barcode.

Enhanced range

Many of Zebra’s 2D imagers offer enhanced range, enabling cashiers to scan barcodes from a greater distance, so there’s no need to handle a customer’s mobile device or delay a checkout line by leaving the cash wrap to reach a barcode. This is particularly useful for scanning large and bulky items or those at the bottom of a cart.

 Zebra DS9808 Hybrid Handheld / Handsfree Imager 


Zebra Symbol DS4308 Handheld Barecode Scanner


Zebra Symbol DS6878-SR Cordless Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner