Exceeding expectations is the key to success in the hospitality industry. Satisfied guests are repeat guests, who expect to be rewarded for their loyalty.This is driving the rapid rise in mobileloyalty applications and the need for barcode scanners in places where they have not been before. Whether it’s at the local coffee shop or the quick serve drive through, customers want to load up their mobile gift cards and pay with a quick scan of their smartphone, so purchases are tracked and they receive their rewards.

Providing an exceptional customer experience is also essential for hotels and entertainment venues. This is made possible by 2D Imagers. From scanning items at the gift shop to validating tickets at the theater, whether on- screen or printed on paper, 2D Imagers from Zebra keep the lines moving and guests coming back.

Capture The Code, Win The Customer

Read all barcodes

In addition to reading traditional 1D and 2D barcodes found on tickets, gift shop items, registration badges and plastic loyalty cards, Zebra’s Imagers can read electronically-delivered barcodes. Presented on the screen of a mobile device or tablet these enable mobile payment, loyalty and coupon applications.

Omnidirectional scanning

Keep lines moving faster, as no time’s lost having to align the device with the barcode.

Enhanced range

Because many of our 2D imagers offer enhanced range, users can scan barcodes from a greater distance – so there is no need to get too close or handle a customers’ mobile device.

Zebra DS9808 Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS9208 Barcode Scanner


Zebra DS4308 Barcode Scanner


Zebra DS457 Barcode Scanner