About New SHA-2 Encryption Software

This release updates the operating system software for the above-referenced products to enable recognition of SHA-2 encryption certificates. Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) certificates are used to enable client devices to communicate with web pages in a secure manner. Some customers use this methodology to provide client applications access to cloud or server data and/or synchronize databases between mobile devices and the cloud/server.

Older releases of Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) 6.5 operating system only recognized SHA-1 encryption certificates, which precluded the use of more-secure SHA-2 certificates on websites/servers. SHA-1 has been deprecated and Certificate Authorities will not issue new certificates with expiration dates beyond the end of 2016. By recognizing SHA-2 encryption certificates, customers with WEH 6.5 clients will be able to update to the recommended standards for web security.

The operating system update impacts devices that run under WEH 6.5 operating system only. Most Dolphin products running WEH 6.5 have already had patches made available to address this issue (see table below). This release should be installed by customers who wish to enable SHA-2 encryption on their devices. Before installing, customers should note that only the Microsoft WiFi Security supplicant supports SHA-2 encryption. The Funk Security supplicant cannot be used in conjunction with SHA-2 encryption

How to Get the Update

The release is field-installable and is available for download from the Honeywell web site and search on the appropriate product: here

Intermec CN70 Mobile Computer 



Intermec CN70e Mobile Computer

Intermec CK70 Mobile Computer

Intermec CK71 Mobile Computer


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