Stock Management

Accurate Stock Management is vital to match stock to demand, ensuring that the items that will sell are always available in store.

Transferring stock to and from stores (either centrally directed or ad-hoc) can optimise your selling opportunities. Stock adjustments and zeros can be completed immediately with reason code capture, triggering the replenishment of missing or sold out products.

IM2 Retail can also deliver real time feedback on wastage and damaged goods that need to be written off. The data from a store or stockroom can be fed to central systems for immediate analysis.

Handling returns and product recalls demands an exacting audit trail. IM2 Retail creates accurate records of the returns, adjusts store stock simultaneously and can guide users through recall processes, ensures that the right quantities of the right items are located, scanned and removed from sale.

 Goods Inwards

Receiving goods at the back door can be a time consuming and error-prone task. The biggest risk is that a failure to check third party direct deliveries can lead to stock shortages and financial loss.

M-Netics Receiving Module permits receiving at carton, box, cage or rail level, with validation against expected delivery data from the supplier or distribution centre. Item level checks can be performed to ensure stock levels are maintained accurately and any shortages and damages are accounted for.

The application can also flag items which are out of stock in the store, so that replenishment can be prioritised, maximising available options on the sales floor.

Real time data synchronisation to the back end ensures that store stock is updated as the goods become available to the store, rather than as the stock is shipped by the DC or supplier. Analysis of this data can help you determine how long a product was out of stock before actually being replenished, identifying and defining lost sales opportunities.