Omni Channel - The Future of Retail 

This new landscape is challenging, for all retailers. The convenient way to manage each channel is in isolation – but this has a detrimental impact on the customer experience.

Customers want to switch from device, to physical stores and back to device again seamlessly. Inconsistencies between online and physical experiences disappoint,creating barriers in the path to purchase, and damaging trust in the brand.

This forms the rationale for taking an ‘Omni-channel’ approach, also known as ‘Unified Retail Commerce’. However, both of these terms are written from a top down perspective of retail channels. The customer should be at the centre of it all, and Zebra Technologies view this approach as ‘One Store’, because customers don’t see channels – they see One Store.

Retailers can build better customer relationships by bridging the gaps between channels and working to identify the breakpoints along the path to purchase. Having the right systems in place to enable supply chain visibility, will not only simplify internal operations, it can ensure customers are able to complete their purchase in a way that suits them.

In simple terms, a customer doesn’t start their buying journey thinking about which channel they will interact with, it’s a fluid process which can involve online, social, mobile and in-store experiences. The customer expectation is that the message, brand, value and price is consistent throughout. It should also allow them to try, buy and return in a way that’s truly convenient