Samsung SDS CellWe EMM is activated or deactivated on your mobile device automatically by entering or leaving your company. 

Your company‘s mobile security policy applies. In result personal and business data is separated on your Samsung device.
Therefore some functionalities of your device are blocked (e.g. camera, Bluetooth etc.).

Apps that enhance work performance will appear on your device (e.g. time recording, e-mail, apps for work).

If a threat of data leakage occurs, a signage will be visible on the screen and lead through the data protection process. All data will be blocked or deleted immediately.




Stolen or Lost Device 

Once a device gets lost or is stolen, a user can restrict the access to the device through remote control. 






Sign of Data Leakage

If there is any sign of security threat, the remote wipe can proceed to completely block any attempt to reach and steal corporate data by deleting the data immediately.






 Mobile Device Management - Mobile Application Management - Mobile Content Management 


Mobile Device Management 

Software Management 
Inventory Management 
Security Control 
Container Management

Mobile Content Management 

Data Area Management 
Data Encryption Management
Data Removal Management 

Mobile Application Management 

App Security Management 
App Installation and Deletion Management 
App History Management 

 KNOX Support 

CellWe EMM supports up-to-date security and convenience features of KNOX, enterprise mobile security solution for Samsung smartphones

Samsung KNOX Container

Samsung SDS CellWe EMM Supports:

  • Largest number of KNOX features among EMM solutions
  • KNOX Container only mode
  • Better developed attestation1
  • Largest number of Generic VPN2 vendors 
  • Per-app VPN, CC mode, control of external memory device for KNOX

KNOX Container Only Mode Enables:

  • Only KNOX container to be used on devices
  • No personal use of work devices
  • No additional authentication for KNOX

Kiosk Wizard

Combine Samsung’s market leading mobile devices or digital signage with SDS Enterprise Mobility Software to lock the device to core Kiosk functions.

Mount the mobile devices or screens in strategic positions around the store such as checkout-desk, or provide staff with handheld devices

Configure your devices with unique profiles using the Kiosk Wizard. Simply drag and drop features including backgrounds, logo’s, applications, catalogue functions etc.






Profiles allow you to define enterprise settings, policies and restrictions for devices without requiring user interaction.

You can assign profiles based on operating system or device ownership type, and deploy to an organization group, user group or individual users. Smart groups can be defined for profiles and compliance policies.

Profiles can deploy automatically to devices upon enrollment, and administrators can push profiles on-demand over the air. Available profiles include passcode, restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, email, applications and more.