Marrying in-store business processes with technology is the key to maintaining high stock availability... driving sales and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. The key formula for success is the right items, on the store floor, at the right time.

Peak-Ryzex’s IM2 Retail Store Replenishment module delivers powerful features to maintain high stock availability.
Dynamic list building based on the items that need to be replenished on the store floor including:

Sales driven replenishment

  • Drive a stockroom pick by what has sold since the last replenishment
  • Option for real-time replenishment feed to stockroom as items are sold

Demand by department

  • Review list of items which should be on sales floor vs. actual
  • Enter required quantities for low or no stock items

Demand by style

  • Ad-hoc sales floor stock requirement capture

Zero sales review

  • Highlight items that are in the stockroom but not on the sales floor

Once the item list is built, the picking process is triggered to pick items from the storeroom.