Barcode Imaging in Retail

From the point of sale to the warehouse, the retail environment demands expedient, accurate data capture. An upgrade to 2D imaging technology can potentially transform the customer experience, improve overall productivity and maximize supply chain efficiency. Specific benefits of adopting imaging solutions include:

Mobile Coupons

More and more, today’s tech-savvy shoppers expect to find discounts online in the form of mobile coupons—mobile coupons that can only be read by an imager.


  • Reaches customers quicker
  • Coupons always on hand or accessible
  • Can send instant offers
  • More likely to be redeemed
  • Mobile coupon programs are less expensive to implement

Mobile Loyalty Applications

Stores are increasingly offering customers the ability to track purchases through a mobile application and be rewarded for their loyalty. To redeem their rewards,
they must have a worker scan the barcode on their mobile device.


  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Increases insight into customer buying habits and targeting opportunities

Mobile Payment

Some stores enable customers to upload their gift card on their mobile app and then use that card as a way to pay for purchases. Very often this type of mobile payment is tied to the mobile loyalty program as a complete solution.


  • Ease of use
  • Encourages customers to load and reload their gift cards frequently
  • Increases customer satisfaction