Technology advances since the DS6878 family of 2D Bluetooth Scanners was originally launched now make it possible for the DS6878 to scan faster and to support new use cases that have evolved since the DS6878 was originally introduced.

Firmware updates to the DS6878, CR0078-SC and CR0078-PC create a faster more versatile scanner for today’s demanding uses.

Improvements include:

Faster reading of barcodes

  • QR codes
  • Poor quality Code 128 barcodes
  • microPDF

Improved Out-Of-Box experience

  • Snappier reading of successive barcodes leads to improved throughput for cradles connected to the host by a USB cable (implemented in cradle firmware)
  • Reads barcodes even if the quiet zone around the code is out-of-spec
  • I 2of5 with extended range of acceptable lengths is enabled by default

Additional Enhancements

  • Compatible with host systems that don’t support Code 128 Fnc4
  • Identifies GS1 Datamatrix and GS1 QR barcodes to IBM or Nixdorf hosts
  • Enhanced OCR


Zebra DS6878 Barcode Scanner 


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