eCommerce is an increasingly important part of the multichannel retail mix. The option for customers to order goods online and then collect them from a local store is very convenient.

M-Netics IM2 Click and Collect module can be used to track and handle eCommerce goods once they are in store, receiving the items from the e-fulfilment centre, sorting them into customer orders, recording the critical customer handover and handling any returns or store absorption on uncollected orders.

The solution process includes:

  • Receiving
  • Put Away
  • Customer Identification
  • Pick/Remote Pick
  • Customer Handover
  • Customer Signature
  • Non-Collection & Return

M-Netics IM2 Click and Collect software delivers a solution for all these requirements, accurately managing the process from receiving through to customer handover. Its industry-leading efficiency means you never have to keep your customers waiting.

M-Netics IM2 is designed to work across a variety of mobile devices, providing a flexible solution to meet the varying demands of in-store operations.

M-Netics IM2 Retail Solution increases John Lewis’s click and collect service by 30%


 The UK-based John Lewis Partnership owns the John Lewis chain of department stores and the Waitrose supermarket brand. Its 90,000 staff are all partners in the business and share the profits.

John Lewis’s highly successful click and collect service enables customers to place an order online and then collect it the following day from their local Waitrose or John Lewis store.

 M-Netics was brought in by the retailer to implement new software and MC55A mobile computers from Zebra Technologies to manage increased demand for storing and locating orders with multiple parcels at busy times of the year, such as Christmas.


 John Lewis’s click and collect service enables customers to order goods online and collect them the following day from a local John Lewis or Waitrose store.

 John Lewis approached Zebra Technologies’ partner M-Netics for a solution that would enable staff to use storage space more efficiently when an order with multiple parcels arrived and to help find parcels more quickly when customers came to collect them.


M-Netics installed its IM2 Retail solution in 327 Waitrose branches, along with Zebra MC55A mobile computers, which also have integrated scanning capability.

When parcels come in to a shop as part of a multiple order, a partner scans the barcode of each item. The mobile computer displays details of the full order, including where the previous item in the order has been stored. This means that, if the new item is a similar size, it can be stored with the previous item – an efficient use of space.

 The partner places the item in a storage unit and scans the barcode on the unit to record where it has been stored. This information is relayed via a Zebra wireless network to the IM2 database.

When a customer comes to collect their parcel, the partner enters the order number into the scanner and the storage unit location is displayed, making it easy to find all the parcels in the order.

“Our last peak period was a huge success – we saw an increase in capacity of 30%, and an improvement in customer satisfaction scores. The Zebra mobile computers have proved robust, easy to use and easy to handle.”  Adam Axelrod-Harash, general manager – carriers, John Lewis