Payment Solutions

 Peak-Ryzex Mobility Service Agreement Option

The Peak-Ryzex Mobility Service Agreement offers an off balance sheet asset solution (subject to auditors approval) delivered as a managed service with the level of support bespoke to your requirements and solution. Your company will only ever have to sign one set of terms & conditions, each project/purchase will then be facilitated by a single page document /SLA outlining the equipment/service specification and rentals due for that specific project. The service element can be a variable cost providing flexibility during your peak/off peak periods if required.

 The type of components of the managed service that we can be included as in-scope for this model are detailed below. You can pick the elements you require.


  • Product Supply (hardware & software)
  • Professional Services
  • Set up and Configuration
  • Hardware Support
  • Remote management (MDM)
  • Disposal Services (in compliance with the WEE directive)
  • Buy back of existing estate


An all-encompassing, customer-specific, service arrangement that enables Lifecycle services, hardware products, software, commissioning and all other project costs to be funded under a single service based rental contract. This option provides an efficient approach to asset management and a reduction in costs due to the reduced administration overheads. It allows for the provision of an end-to-end Lifecycle management solution on a cost per user basis, paid from revenue budgets. Options include the ability to move, add and buy back of equipment throughout the agreement

  • Single cost per user charge inclusive of a variable service charge fee
  • Service based agreement to cover existing infrastructure and new equipment with the provision of equipment required as part of the cost per user charge
  • Relieves budget constraints and CAPEX issues for equipment supplied as part of the cost per user charges through a low cost off balance sheet solution
  • Single periodic payment to Peak-Ryzex, depending on the profile required and set out within the MSA & SLA 
  • Cost per user charges classed as "revenue expenditure" for both service and equipment 
  • Guaranteed Technology refresh availability throughout the service agreement life span

A Peak Ryzex Mobility Service Agreement can be structured in many ways with regards to a payment profile, this can be done monthly, quarterly, annually or structured in such a way that it works in line with your budgetary requirements, but most importantly this can be taylored specifically for your company



Why Use Peak Ryzex Contract Rental Solutions? 

Saves working- Capital

If you buy the equipment outright the capital invested, becomes tied up in a depreciating asset. This means it cannot be used for other projects. Renting equipment, on the other hand allows you to save resources for other purposes such as new business opportunities, responding to unexpected problems, product development or marketing.

Easier Budgeting

Payment made throughout your rental agreement are not affected by changes in the interest rates. So unlike a bank loan or an overdraft you can plan accurately for lease payments in advance.

Future Credit Line Facility

If you rent the equipment existing credit lines, such as arrangements with the bank, remain intact. This gives you the additional flexibility to use these arrangements if necessary in the future.

Upgrade Options

Renting allows your business to keep up with the changes in technology and respond to any industry or competitive pressures. Your original installation can be altered, either during or at the end of the rental agreement to accommodate any changes.

Tax Efficient

If you pay corporation tax, renting equipment can be particularly attractive. Rental Payments may be deducted from taxable profits, which reduces the net cost of renting the equipment. Ryzex rental plans are off balance sheet and therefore do not depreciate shareholders funds.


You can make rental Payments by direct debit. This helps you to avoid time of organizing payment for equipment rental invoices.

Regular Payments & 100% Financing

When you rent equipment  you make a series of regular payments instead of a large capital outlay. Rental payments are spread over a period of 3- 5 years on the profile which is most suited to you (monthly, quarterly) and we also have semi annual and annual profiles available. A deposit need not be prerequisite to the finance arrangement. You simply make regular payment throughout the life of the agreement.