Castelan Performs Field-Based Real-Time Claims Management Reports Thanks To Peak-Ryzex

Peak-Ryzex’s Next Working Day Exchange is enabling the smooth running of Castelan’s furniture warranty and repair service Castelan relies on Peak-Ryzex to help manage and maintain its Intermec CN50 PDAs used by the company’s fleet of 75 mobile technicians. The PDAs are an essential tool for the technicians as they provide before, during and after real-time photographic evidence for Castelan customers’ warranty and repair claims as well as supporting the field service workflow.

“Our technicians mustn’t be without their PDAs as they need to provide photographic evidence in real-time which is captured straight into our business system. The Next Working Day Exchange is, therefore, an important part of our agreement with Peak-Ryzex. Using our customer portal to Peak-Ryzex, we book an exchange online. The Peak-Ryzex technical support team quickly take a replacement device from our buffer stock held at their premises and set up/configure the software using our SOTI MobiControl mobile device management (MDM) software. We have a special application that allows Peak-Ryzex to click simply click on it and it downloads our mobile software to the PDA and automatically configures the software and device settings,” says David Rice, Systems & Telecoms Manager, Castelan.

“Peak-Ryzex then despatches the replacement device by courier to the technician. The delivery point is usually within a 20-mile radius of the technician’s home. It’s a very good service and it means we don’t suffer from downtime and this enables us to maintain very high service levels to our customers. The devices are very important because they provide a huge amount of management information electronically so that we can optimise the services we deliver to our customers.”

The PDA provides a mobile enterprise solution for Castelan’s technicians who work remotely using their own homes as outbases. Each evening the company’s bespoke business system downloads the next day’s jobs to the technicians’ PDAs and they in turn telephone their list of customers to book appointments. All jobs are routed using Paragon route optimisation software, which ensures they are efficient and achievable. The optimised routes enable the technicians to provide an estimated time of arrival and they keep customers informed of any changes; they also call them en route to update them. Technicians complete their reports with photographs on their PDAs after each home visit and then they send them electronically to the Castelan system to provide full visibility.

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