Peak-Ryzex Bolsters Its COVID-19-Safe Solutions With The Addition Of Fixed-Asset UV-Clean Sanitising From New Specialist Partner, ENS Group

End-to-end solutions provider & integrator Peak-Ryzex further enhances its UV Light Solutions in the United Kingdom with the addition of ENS Group's diverse range of fixed-asset UV-Clean technlogies

ENS Group UV-Clean
UV-Clean sanitisers from ENS Group.

CHIPPENHAM, WILTSHIRE – UK (26th June 2020) – Peak-Ryzex, a provider of digital supply chain, mobile workforce & retail solutions, continues to invest in its COVID-19 resilient solutions with the announcement of a brand-new partnership with UV-Clean innovator, ENS Group. Peak-Ryzex is now ready to include ENS Group’s market-leading fixed-asset sanitising hardware as part of its wider mobility solutions offerings.

This new partnership introduces ENS Group’s UV-Clean technology into Peak-Ryzex’s multi-faceted COVID-19 Solutions, enabling users to sanitise their fixed hardware in a multitude of industry verticals. The UV-Clean solution produces a non-visible UV-C light that effectively inactivates bacteria & viruses at the cellular level, ensuring these pathogens are unable to multiply and cause any further infection. With a 99.9% eradication level for bacteria, viruses and moulds, Peak-Ryzex customers can re-open & continue their operations with a reliable sanitising setup at their disposal.

ENS Group’s UV-Clean technology now forms a key part of Peak-Ryzex’s wider COVID-19 Solutions, including mobile hardware UV-C sanitising, contactless click & collect and delivery software, social distancing signage, protective shields, temperature monitoring & more. Peak-Ryzex’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of myriad sectors including retail, the supply chain, hospitality, healthcare & many more.

“As more businesses begin to re-open in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peak-Ryzex is proud to support our customers with the innovative UV-Clean technology offered by ENS Group,” says Peak-Ryzex UK Managing Director, John Coon. “With a 99.9% pathogen eradication rate, this fixed hardware sanitising solution will help restore customer & staff confidence alike while further bolstering our COVID-19 ready solutions.”

Like all Peak-Ryzex’s market-leading COVID-19 Solutions, ENS Group’s UV-Clean technology offers a safe, practical & reliable way to protect staff & restore customer confidence. Now users can sanitise their fixed hardware in an indoor setting without the need for potentially harmful & damaging chemicals. With a sanitising cycle time of only three minutes, Peak-Ryzex customers can ensure their hardware is free of active pathogens and help reduce the spread of coronavirus in their respective workplace settings.

“The health & safety of customers and staff has never been more important, and with the 99.9% pathogen deactivation of UV-Clean, businesses can ensure their fixed asset hardware is safe to use throughout their premises,” comments Sales & Marketing Manager Colin Mackie. “Thanks to our new valuable new partnership with mobility solutions innovator Peak-Ryzex, ENS Group’s UV-Clean technology can benefit users in the retail sector & beyond.”

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