The Environment Agency (EA) is taking huge strides forward in mobile working supported by Peak-Ryzex mobile managed services (MMS). The EA’s mobile technicians use the system to support their work in collecting water and ecology samples from rivers, lakes and sea around England. The electronic system makes sample data collection and analysis fast and accurate as there is no paperwork to do and there is no need for duplicating data from one system into another. The mobile system connects to the EA’s back office software, streamlining the analytical and reporting process and workflow.

The EA relies on Peak-Ryzex to supply and manage its handheld computers and mobile device management (MDM) software. With the system the EA has boosted productivity and efficiency, enabling service improvements. Currently, the EA is upgrading its systems and hardware, which it predicts will provide further benefits.

According to Jon Bilbrough, Project Technical Manager, at the EA, “Peak-Ryzex gives us peace of mind knowing that we have enterprise mobility experts working with us to keep our mobile solution in first class running order. Plus, we don’t need to worry about storing and maintaining our devices as Peak-Ryzex manages our complete inventory. We are now working with the company on upgrading the system.

“We purchased our current devices – Intermec CN50 (by Honeywell) – through Peak-Ryzex and are about to upgrade them and the mobile device management (MDM) software and ClickSoftware (mobile workforce management software) that we use for scheduling our water sampling program. We are examining all possibilities for the hardware upgrade, particularly as consumer devices are now an attractive proposition for the type of work we do.”

With the existing mobile solution Peak-Ryzex’s MMS for the EA covers the entire set up and staging of the hardware and software, and Next Day Exchange for hardware in the event of a malfunction that cannot be rectified remotely.