Peak Ryzex Launch Uni Store Charging Cabinets

The UniStore Solution

The UniStore Cabinet is a ‘communication central’ storage cabinet which offers mobile computer charging, storage and communication with the hand held terminals, HHT’s.

A perfect all-in-one solution, the UniStore Standard Cabinet can charge 20/25 or 40/50 devices, have Ethernet connectivity to all of them and its lockable doors provide secure storage. The UniStore Standard Cabinet comes with 5 shelfs and can have an electronic coded lock fitted as an option. Each shelf houses 4-5 mobile computers and doubles as a central storage location. This central storage solution allows for quick and easy visual assessment of missing units and provides easy access to recharged HHTs.

An optional insert section can be easily added to double the capacity of each shelf of the UniStore cabinet. This can potentially allow each cabinet to house 50 devices in the cabinet, allowing for an expansion in the number of HHT’s within the single location saving both space and cost.


A UniStore cabinet and can cost as little as a single HHT to purchase.

The unit’s strong steel construction in a smart and durable black powder coat finish provides an attractive, robust storage solution. The UniStore can also be assembled on-site for ease of transportation and storage. 

From one convenient location and powered from a single standard wall socket you can store your mobile computers and printers, thus removing the problems associated with housing and charging a large number of devices.

Connectivity with your HHTs and PDAs

The UniStore cabinets have Ethernet connection as standard.

The UniStore cabinets provide wired Ethernet ports within each shelf providing you with network access to the mobile terminals from your host/application. Optionally the cabinets can also be fitted with a wireless access point, if the installation calls for it.  With the latest equipment comes the opportunity to drive more business related applications and we believe that having strong and built-in local communication to connect with the mobile equipment is vital to future proof your investment.  We work with WiFi hardware from a range of popular manufactures including Cisco and Zebra. We supply a wide range of storage solutions to suit every type of PDA or terminal deployment.

Would your business benefit from Local WiFi hotspots with no need for additional cabling or drilling by an installation team?

The advantage of local, built-in communication with your PDAs or terminals during a large or multi-site roll out is immeasurable. We have seen many examples of unexpected and important post deployment code changes or equipment OS upgrades which, if catered for using our connectivity solutions, can be carried out quickly with minimum disruption to your business.

Our cable and power supply track houses the power and data cabling and keeps even the most intrigued or inquisitive staff member out of the wiring and comms loom – so eliminating the common problems associated with pulled or damaged cables, after all, we build these cabinets to keep you charged and ready to go.  Each cabinet is manufactured from steel – no plastic board or wafer based extrusions are used in the construction of our cabinets. Many of our clients are on the second or third generation of mobile hardware and are still using the original tough steel cabinets.


  • Dimensions – H 2030mm x W 550mm x D 314mm.
  • Communications – Dual Ethernet ports built in for redundancy for LAN based communications. Optional built in WiFi hotspots for mobile terminals and local area communication.
  • A Perfect All-In-One Solution – the UniStore Standard Cabinet can charge up to 50 devices (5 shelf full height with the secondary shelf option installed).  Offering quick and easy visual assessment of missing units and easy access to recharged terminals.
  • Secure Housing – Lockable doors with clear shatter proof PETG panels. Built in key ways to allow for secure mounting to the wall (optional back to back plates available to allow cabinets to be linked).
  • Positive Air Pressure – Design includes a discreet fan providing positive airflow for cooling and venting, promoting long life from your devices.
  • Construction – Convenient flat pack design.  A strong steel construction in a smart and durable powder coat finish provides an attractive, robust solution. Available to order in any colour subject to minimum order quantities.
  • A ‘Communication Central’ Storage Cabinet – Offering mobile computer charging, storage and communication in one convenient location.

Technical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

  • Isolation classification: Class 1 (must be earthed)
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Operating frequency: 50Hz
  • Fuse rating: 10A
  • Power consumption: 5 x 76W max (380W max)
  • Testing: PAT

Physical and Environmental Specifications

  • Build: Flat pack design
  • Dimensions: H 2030mm x W 550mm x D 314mm
  • Mass: 65 kg
  • Operating temperature: 10-30oC
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 65%


“At Smiths News we have been using UniStore cabinets in over 50 warehouses for more than 6 years now, and have found them to be an extremely reliable way to keep our valued mobility technology secure and dust free. The UniStore units have grown and evolved with our demands, and have been an extremely low maintenance and trouble-free storage solution. We aim to engage with the manufacturer again in the near future to upgrade the UniStore cabinets to continue to leverage our investment and maximise the cost benefits we have already enjoyed.” 

Aurian Lyne, Operations Development Project Manager
Smiths News, Swindon, United Kingdom

How are our customers quantifying the return on investment?


Here are a few of the comments…

  • “Fast, tidy and safe deployment of charging infrastructure.”
  • “Lower cost of deployment.”
  • “Improved hardware husbandry and control of assets.”
  • “Reduced the instances of lost or damaged handsets as they are correctly stored.”
  • “Increased operational up time as securely docked handsets ensure battery is fully charged before being taken into the field.”
  • “Optional built-in wireless connectivity or local ‘hotspot’ with no additional installation costs.”

Part Number Guide

UniStore Standard (STD) Cabinet

[Unistore, Cabinet, Standard,
5 Shelves, Clear Doors]

Standard with Secondary Shelves:
[Unistore, Cabinet, Standard, 5 Shelves,
5 Secondary Shelves, Clear Doors]

Standard with KL Keypad Access:
[Unistore, Cabinet, Standard, 5 Shelves, Clear Doors, KL Keypad]

Standard with Secondary Shelves and KL Keypad Access:
[Unistore, Cabinet, Standard,
5 Shelves, 5 Secondary Shelves, Clear Doors, KL Keypad]

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