Wynsors Steps Up Warehouse Picking With Peak-Ryzex Mobile Solution

Wynsors World of Shoes has implemented new wearable computers across its five sites. Supplied by end-to-end mobility solutions company Peak-Ryzex, the Zebra computers complete with ring scanners make it easy for the warehouse operators to surge through an average pick of 75,000 pairs of shoes a week. The mobile hands-free picking solution integrates with Wynsors’ central business system, which processes the orders and sends electronic pick lists directly to the wearable computers.

“We converted to wearable technology by involving the workforce in selecting the mobile solution. Our people told us that they like the ability to have both hands free to pick the orders, which is inherently safer and much faster; that’s why we can achieve such high pick rates with absolute accuracy. Standard handheld scanning terminals would reduce productivity by as much as half as you would constantly have to lay down the equipment to pick the shoes and pack the cartons,” says Nick Green, Stock Controller and E-commerce Manager.

“We choose to work with Peak-Ryzex as the company provides a consistently good and competitive one-stop-shop service, which fits in with the Wynsors’ business philosophy. Nothing is too much trouble and our contacts at the company are very responsive. Although we support the technology in-house and have reserve units, Peak-Ryzex provides service and repair often returning repaired devices within a few days, which is excellent considering you have to factor in two days for mailing. We’ve worked with the company for more than 12 years and we appreciate all the assistance we get.”

Since 1956, Wynsors World of Shoes has grown from a handful of shops and market stalls into a chain of more than 40 stores averaging over 6500 sq ft per store. For more than 50 years of trading the company has operated as a one-stop-shop for value footwear for the whole family. With more stores opening all the time and selling over 4 million pairs of shoes per year, Wynsors World of Shoes can quite rightly claim to be the value footwear retailer in the north of England. The latest chapter in the Wynsors’ story is its new e-commerce website: http://www.wynsors.com

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