Zebra ZC300/ZC350 Card Printers

Zebra ZC300/ZC350

Sitting alongside the ZC100 Card Printer (for users who are looking for single-sided card printing only), the ZC300 and ZC350 Card Printers from Zebra Technologies deliver outstanding print quality, cutting-edge design functionality and support high volume production.

Ready to use and deploy right out of the box, the ZC300 and ZC350 offer a slim fit design that’s ideal for use on reception desks, customer service areas, desks and points of exit and entry.

ZC300/ZC350 Card Printers




Flexible Card Printing Made Simple

With the Zebra ZC300, users can leverage flexible and secure card printing without the need for needlessly complex procedures. Push-button simplicity enables users to print personalised ID badges, membership cards and other forms of card-based media in both colour and mono.

The Zebra ZC350 offers all of the features included with the ZC300 – including its clear and easy-to-read LCD/LED user interface, ingenious card feeder design and secure print cover lock – alongside the powerful added value of a card design suite.

Now users can design and print virtually any type of card design while utilising special ribbons – such as a new pearlescent ribbon for the printing of embedded anti-counterfeit graphics – for the printing of watermarks, UV light graphics and more.

Rapid Deployment

The ZC300/ZC350 are designed to work right out of the box, without the need for a painful and time-consuming setup. Just plug the printer in, load in the supplies and media and start printing.

Groundbreaking UX

The latest generation of card printing from Zebra includes a new graphical interface for easy access to settings and options, intuitive LEDs for identifying icon prompts and updates.

New Hopper Design

Users can now load and unload cards in double-quick time with the new and improved hopper. Its saloon-style output doors can be opened to adjust your card stock accordingly.

Easy Supplies Changing

Complicated and messy ribbons changes are a thing of the past with the ZC300/ZC350. Users can unlock the newly designed ribbon door latch in a single motion and add a new ribbon in seconds.

Encoding Excellence

Your cards need to do more than just hold your branding or the details and image of an individual. And with the ZC300/ZC350 from Zebra they will, with the ability to add magnetic strips, etc.

Double-Sided Printing

Looking to print cards with branding and user information on both sides of a card? The ZC300 and ZC350 both support duplex card printing in both colour and mono combinations.

Card Design Creation

Design cards with an incredible level of detail, including the ability to add watermarks, UV light activated markings and anti-counterfeit imagery. A powerful all-in-one card printing solution.

High Volume Printing

When you need to print large numbers of cards for incoming student enrollment, peak periods of retail business or for hotel patrons, the ZC300 and ZC350 have the print speeds you need.

Advanced Security

Utilise printer-to-host authentication to prevent printing from unauthorised devices, while AES data encryption utilises government-grade protection when printing sensitive data.

The Zebra ZC300/ZC350 Card Printer Range

Zebra ZC300 Card Printer

The powerful ZC300 Card Printer offers an innovative way to print large numbers of cards with unique branding, imagery and details in colour and mono. The ZC300 allows for both single- and doubled-sided printing as well as support for additional encoding for magnetic strips, NFC, etc. 

Zebra ZC350

Zebra ZC350 Card Printer

For high volume printing requirements, the Zebra ZC350 Card Printer is the go-to hardware and software solution. Design and print cards with unique branding, encode cards with key data and empower users with an easy push-button printing process for rapid card production.

Zebra ZC300/ZC350 Media & Resources

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