Smart Building Management

Track assets and avoid high staff concentration

When you return to the workplace, you’re approach to asset and people tracking needs to change to support safe social distancing and infection tracing in your premises. By leveraging a Smart Building Management Solution from Peak-Ryzex and its broad portfolio of technology partners, you can utilise the latest developments in wireless access points and powerful location accuracy to build a true picture of your premises in real-time.

With our support, you can analyse the footfall through your premises, tracking zones, crowding concentrations, staff positioning and more. From geo fencing to tracking unique name identifiers, you can transform your site management process.

Scalable, Multi-Tier Indoor Location Services

Create a highly personalised customer experience by leveraging a deep pool of collected data as you use customer preferences and traffic patterns. Gain a deeper insight into increased footfall throughout your sites, ranging from popular retail areas to increased activity in office meeting rooms.

Our cloud-based Smart Building Management Solutions are fully scalable, so they can be seamlessly deployed into any enterprise organisation. Build a picture in both real-time (supporting safe social distancing policies) and post-event analysis that provides vital insight into the movement of people and assets around your workplace. Here are just some of the benefits of a cloud-based Smart Building Management Solution with powerful APIs:

Integrated Location Platform

Utilise a fleet of access points across your premises to track devices via Wi-Fi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), tracking the presence of customers, patients and more as well as identifying and tracking key zones of crowding.

Advanced Location Analytics

Track both individuals and assets across your different sites, with the ability to track presence by site, zone and different levels of authority. Track where individuals are crowding to create a safer workplace environment.

Asset Tracking


With a Smart Building Management Solution from Peak-Ryzex, your organisation can track assets throughout your sites with accurate positioning data that can be customised remotely with grouped category types and notifications.

Smart Building Management

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