UVC Light Sanitising

Make hardware and accessories safe to use

Returning to the workplace in a post-COVID era requires a new approach to infection control, and that means ensuring the mobile hardware and accessories on your premises are safe to use. Normal cleaning wipes can often damage devices due to their chemical content, but there is an alternative that’s fast, safe and ideal for organisations that share devices between staff members.

Introducing the power of UVC light. With our UVC Light Sanitising Solutions, you can ensure every single mobile computer, tablet and scanners are sanitised in 20 seconds, deactivating up to 99.995% of harmful pathogens. You can even sanitise accessories such as stationary, keys, coins and more.

Making Your Hardware Safe With UVC Light

Sanitising hardware is a must for any organisation, so our UVC Light Sanitising Solutions are applicable in any industry setting. Whether you’re cleaning pagers for use in healthcare, readying scanners for use in a warehouse or sanitising tablets and mobile devices for capturing customer orders in a hospitality environment, we can support you with an easy to deploy solution that will protect staff, customers, patients and more for years to come. Peak-Ryzex has the expertise and the experience to deploy an enterprise-grade UVC Light Sanitising Solution. Here are just some of the benefits your organisation can leverage:

99.995% Effective

Our UVC Light Sanitising Solutions leverage a variety of UV hardware, including components that deactivate and disrupt pathogens with a 99.995% effectiveness. Now your hardware devices will be safe to use across your premises.

20-Second Cycle

Remove needless bottlenecks on your productivity with a UVC Light Sanitising process with a sanitising setup that takes only 20 seconds to provide a 360-degree sanitising cycle for all your mobile hardware and accessories.

No Damaging Chemicals

Cleaning wipes might seem like the easy way to sanitise devices, but they have a much lower effectiveness and can potentially damage your hardware with their chemical residue. UV light won’t damage your devices.

Touch-Free Removal

Reducing touch is a vital part of your return to work process, so continue that ethos with our UVC Light Sanitising Solutions. Our solutions include a low-touch setup that automatically opens when the 20-second cycle ends.

Proven Efficacy

Our UVC Light Sanitising Solutions come with regular efficacy reports to prove their independently certified effectiveness so you can leverage their sanitising power in your organisation or business with full confidence.

Easy To Deploy

UV light hardware is simple to use and even easier to deploy. Sanitisers can be deployed in receptions, staff entrances, customer entry points and more. These devices can also be used with wheel-based stands.

UVC Light Sanitising

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